One of the more significant complaints about mobile games is that many can’t be played offline. Not only is this detrimental to those who commute frequently, but it also means you can’t play your games when your internet goes out. This is why I’ve rounded up 10 of my favorite titles to play when my home network goes down, all games that you can indeed play offline in 2021.

Are you looking for a shooting game that runs without internet? If so, here are 10 shooting games you like that are available on Playstore in 100 Mb size.

It often happens that you want to play a sniping or shooting game but your internet data is exhausted. Then you can play the following game as the data is not used.

All these games have good graphics and a storyline. The following games are categorized based on different categories as well as user experience.

So let’s watch one game after another …


Top 10 offline shooting game for low phone storage

Major gun: war on terror

Yes,this game size is a 102Mb but this is very good game.

This is a fast-paced FPS shooting game with sniper and PVP mode. Here you get 100+ levels and 30+ weapons. In which you have to remove different enemies from the road. In this game, you play the role of a soldier who conquers enemies in the terrorist basement. Cleanses.


  •  4 player vs player mode
  •  Amazing 3D graphics
  •  Unique levels and enemies
  •  Huge Arsenal of Weapons
  •  Multiple locations

This game has a 4.0 rating with 5 million downloads. The size of this game is 100 Mb

Gun war: shooting game


This game is very exciting. Here you have to protect your nation. Inside this game, you find a zombie. You have to save this zombie from your country.

You will see endless zombies here. It destroys everything due to a virus. You get different missions here. For this mission, you are given a new gun. This game is well programmed. You always see different enemies. 


  • 124+ exciting shooter tasks
  •  6 special game type
  •  50+ featured scenes and maps.
  •  50+ new and upgraded weapons
  •  Unique mercenary and team system.
  •  15+ languages

This game has a 10m + download and 4.3 ratings. The size of this game is 62 Mb.


Blitz brigade – online fps Fun


This is the best fps shooting game. Here you can play with your team. You have to kill another team member together. You will also see ufo and alien here.

The game features a beautiful location, tons of weapons, and vehicles. Zombie Mode is also available here in which you have to fight with cartoon zombies.

Here you get the main 4 modes: deathmatch, domination, capture, Andrew free for all. Where in death math you have to play team vs team and in domination you have to cover points.


  • Up to 12 player battle
  •  Never-ending event
  •  Create or join 
  •  Loads of mode
  •  More than 100 wild weapon
  •  Customize full-body character

This game has a 3.9 rating with 10 million downloads. The size of this game is 49 MB

Cover Fire: offline shooting game

Cover fire is not under 100 mb but this game is a best offline shooting.

This is the best offline shooter and sniper game ever. here you can build your team. here you will play a veteran silver roll.

Here you are a soldier who goes to different places and kills enemies and files their plans. Here you get different characters that you get as the level is completed. All these characters have different powers. With the help of which he kills the enemy.

You will also see a zombie event mode here, which is a new addition.


  • ultimate shooting battle experience
  •  huge real arsenal
  •  HD Graphics and 3D sound effects
  •  Challenging Story mode
  •  Building your frontline strategy

This game has a 50m + download and 4.5 ratings.

Lone wolf

The lone wolf is a sniper adventure game. Lonewolf is an intense game with moral conflicts.

Here you will get Realistic Weapon Sound and formal graphics. If we talk about gameplay, the story starts with a teenage boy. He kills other people for money. His boss provides him with tools like Sniper Rifles, Assault rifles, Pistols, and bombs.

The main character here is a teen boy. Who you are. As the story progresses you will find out about it. You will not be able to find his motive till the end.


  • sniper adventure game
  •  5+ Hours Storytime
  •  30 Missions
  •  Hand Drawn Cutscenes
  •  More than 20 Weapons
  •  Fantastic story connect with you

The size of this game is 66Mb and 10 m + download. play store rating is 4.5




Nova legacy is a sci-fi fps shooting warden is a hero of this game. here you can get story mode and shadow mission.

In story mode you got a number of the latest guns to fight with aliens. Here you have to save your spaceship from external aliens. In shadow mission, you get name big missions which you have to complete within a specific time.

Here you can be able to upgrade your weapons and shoot to perform better.


  • 4vs4 mode
  •  Team deathmatch and Shadow mission
  •  Marine custumaization
  •  Console-like gaming experience
  •  Future weapons

This game was completed with 50million downloads. The size of this game is 47Mb and 4.1 ratings.

Commando adventure Assassin


Enjoy these Best Offline Games Without the Internet on your phone. this is a military game. It provides you best storyline mission level by level.

Commando adventure is a military-based game in which you have to go to different locations and complete the target. You will get an offline goal here. In which you have to kill boss and gangster.

Online mode is also available. In which you can play in groups like pubg, free fire, and fortnight game. Here you have to survive till the end.


  • Wide range of weapons
  •  First-person shooter mode
  •  Play without internet
  •  Realistic graphics
  •  Online play with friends

This game was completed with 10million downloads. The size of this game is 61Mb and a 4.1 rating.


PVP shooting battle 2020

This game looked like Pubg mobile game. here you will get 20+ action missions offline. best UHD graphics and sound quality.

If you play this game offline you will get a mission. In which you have to shoot the target. In this game, there are weekly updates in which new missions are added.

You can also play this game online. In which all the people from a plane like pubg land on the island. Then all the people in the house throw weapons and try to kill each other.

Finally, the one person who grows wins.

Here you can see vehicles, buildings, animals and beautiful scenes.


  • Army war mode
  •  Offline single-player mode
  •  Online multiplayer mode
  •  PVP battle royal game
  •  Amazing 3d graphic.

The size of this game is MB and 91Mb and 5M + download. play store rating is 3.9 stars.

Shooting game 2020 – offline action game


This is a totally offline game. There you can play commando roll who shoot terrorists to save the world. You will find a team named Alpha.

This team helps you on dark missions. Here you will get a high-tech gun, sniper, and Modern armor.

Here you get survival and normal mode. In normal mode you get level. In which difficulty increases to the next level. Here you have to take your team to the enemy’s boot camp instead of leading.

In this game, you get to see Unconventional Warfare. Here you have your team fight with another team.


  • Have duty weapon
  •  Chapter mode
  •  Story-based mission
  •  Endless survival shooting mode
  •  high tech guns and Sniper Gun
  •  Good graphics

4.0 rating on play store and 52 MB size. it’s completed 1M + download.


Fire sniper combat



In this game, you will get 200 missions with the boss-level fight. here you have to join fps war for saving the world. take cover, aim, and shooting.

it’s so simple to play this game.

Here you will get zombie mode and event mode. it’zombie mode, you can kill a zombie with hand weapons like a knife, ax, xbow, hammer, and grenade.


  • Easy to play
  •  Morden control that brings you fun
  •  Smooth gameplay
  •  Realistic gun and weapons

The game size is 100Mb and 500K + download with 4.2 ratings.


Best shooting game to play without internet

Here we see top shooting games that are within 100MB so you can play the game if your phone has less space. The game list is as follows in short.

  1. Major gun
  2. Blitz brigade
  3. Cover fire
  4. Lone wolf
  5. Gun war: shooting game
  6. N.O.V.A.
  7. Fire sniper combat
  8. PVP shooting battle 2020
  9. Commando adventure assassin
  10. Shooting game 2020

All these games are available in the play store. You can download them by direct search. Now you can play the game mentioned above whenever you run out of data.