Free fire is an online multiplayer game. In which people play in teams with each other. There is a limit of 50 players in this game. 50 players are dropped into a map. The player and the team that survive till the end, becomes the winner of the game. In free fire all people are in different level. Some player is in level 10 and some player is in level 50. As you play this game more, your levels will increase.

There is a question in the mind of many people that there will be any player in free fire who has level 200? Which player’s free fire id is 200 level? Many such questions come in the mind of a normal person. If this question has come to your mind, then you will get the answer here. Here we will know about the world Highest Level Free Fire player id.

200 level Free Fire ID in World

Free fire has a level limit. Free fire has total 100 levels. The player whose id is 70+ level is considered pro player and legend player. It is easy to increase the level at the beginning in Free Fire. Then, as your level increases, you can move to the next level. After 30 level it becomes difficult to increase the level of id. Then you have to give more time to the game and complete more missions.

The player whose free fire id level is below 30 is considered a noob player. A player with level 30 to 50 is considered a pro player. A player with level 50 to 70 is considered a Legend. A player with a level above 70 is considered an Ultra pro legend.

If your level is 80 or 90, people will call you to play. People will want to play with you. People will think that this player will win us the game. But if your level is below 30, people will drop you from their team.

The highest possibility of a level in Free Fire is 100. No player can have 200 level free fire id. If someone tells you that my friend has an id in which his level is above 100, they are lying. Because it is not possible.

200 level Free Fire ID List

  • 748183757
  • 993618483
  • 846194836
  • 649104717
  • 846184917
  • 837104717

We know that the max level of id in free fire is 100. Although many people come and claim that our id level is more than 100. In this list you are given the id of such a player.

Highest Level Free Fire ID in the World

Cold FF is a Youtuber and free fire player. His account level is 100. 646279026 is his id number. If you play free fire, you can check this id number. Cold FF is a very good player. He gives his mostof time to free fire. So its level is so high. It would be very difficult for a normal person to raise such a level.

This id is real or fake, you have to open free fire to check it. Here you will get the option of id search or friend search. You have to enter this number 646279026 and search here. After searching you will get an id. You have to check the level in this id. By this method you can know the id level of any person.

Other Highest Level Free Fire ID

  • 358031342 – Level 81
  • 648194629 – Level 82
  • 61470427 – Level 81
  • 640846163 – Level 83
  • 108177222 – Level 81
  • 836164837 – Level 83
  • 89588720 – Level 82
  • 748164827 – Level 85
  • 237007354 – Level 82

Here you are given the id of another player whose level is 80+. All these players are considered pro players. Many of these players are youtubers. Live streaming in Youtube increases their id level. People who give their maximum time to the game have an id level of 80+.