Hello my dear friend. Can you want DJ alok? If yes then follow us. We will show some amazing method for it.

Every free fire player likes a very much. That is DJ Alok. If you want Dj Alok without spending any money, follow our guidelines. Here we have shown 3 ways with which you can get Dj Alok for free.

If you miss any part of this article, you will not get complete information. So you will not get your favorite player. Many people have taken advantage of this method. Now it is your turn.

Before that let’s take a closer look at some of the Dj Alok players and find out why everyone likes this character. 

Free DJ Alok Free Fire website

DJ Alok is a world-famous free fire character who attracts all free fire users due to his special skills.

Free fire game keeps adding new characters to its game for its users. Currently, Chrono, k, jay, dash, luqueta, steefi are the newest players. They all have new power too.

This new character has some special power of their own. Like Chrono builds a shield around himself so that no one can kill him. K can increase his health like an Alok.

Even after the arrival of all these new characters, DJ Alok has a special place. The main reason is his special ability. So let’s see something about him 

special ability of DJ Alok

DJ Alok creates a 5-meter aura called “Drop the beat“. This character is very famous because of this special ability.

Alok forms a circle around itself. The health of the player inside it increases quickly. With the help of this power, you can save your team members.

Because of this special skill, everyone wants our team to have at least one light player.

However, now with the new update of free fire, you can use the skill of one character with another character. You can use the power of another 3 characters in one character.  There are so many such characters in your favorite topic July.


2 simple method to unlock DJ Alok character for free 

Usually, the price of Alok is 3 Diamonds. If you want to unlock that character then you have to buy Diamond of Money and then with the help of Diamond, you can buy DJ Alok. But if you want to get Alok Free of Cost then follow our method.

First of all, you should be able to buy Alok from diamonds.


How to buy DJ Alok character from shop?

  1. Open free fire store
  2. Go on character
  3. Select DJ Alok
  4. Pay 599 diamonds (if you have money to top up)
  5. Woh, you get DJ Alok

This is a simple method to buy Alok by using Diamond in a free fire game.

3 Method to take DJ Alok for fee

Here we discuss the free DJ Alok character trick.

Method 1: Use redeem code to get free DJ Alok

Use redeem code to get free DJ Alok


Free fire office websites often have new radim codes. With the help of which you can buy anything at a very high price or for free. By using this code you can get gun skin, character cloths, back page skin, parashot skin.

Similarly comes the radium code for Dj Alok.

  1.  Open official free fire website
  2.  Go to the FF reward page
  3.  Log in with your Gmail or FB account
  4.  Find and copy redeem code
  5.  Enter the redeem code in the redeem code box
  6.  Here you get your DJ Alok free

Method 2: serve online

You will find many online survey apps on the Google play store. With the help of this survey app, you can collect diamonds for free.

In this app, you usually have to complete the survey. According to this survey, you get points. You can turn this point into a diamond.

When the survey point is equal to 600 diamonds, you can buy its diamonds. Using diamonds today, you can buy Dj Alok.


Method 3: get DJ Alok by airdrop top-up offer

get DJ Alok by airdrop top-up offer

Here you will find new offers. You can get diamond, character, skin, or cloth pack at low prices here.

If you have created a new account, you will get DJ Alok 10 ₹ in the airdrop option.

Ronaldo and Jay characters are now available at low prices in Airdrop. There is now a combo diamond offer in which you can get 300 diamonds for ₹ 30.

Some most aked questions related free fire


How much MB is free fire?

How much MB is free fire?

The size of the free fire is 706Mb on 1 / Jan / 2020. free fire size will be changed in each update.  It has a 4.3 rating and 500M + downloads.


Which is the best character in Free Fire?  2021?

Free fire has 35+ characters. They all have different powers. It depends on the user whether the player is good or bad.

Yes, new and paid characters have more power than other normal characters.  With the help of which you can easily booyah.


Is DJ Alok real?

Yes, DJ Alok is a real-life human who belongs to a Brazilian musician. He was popular for a free-fire game character. The reason behind his popularity is a special skill “drop the beat


Is free fire Chinese?

No, free fire is not a Chinese app.  Sea Ltd.  The company is a developer of free fire which belongs to Singapore.  Don’t worry this is not a Chinese app.


Who is the best DJ Alok or Chrono?

Chrono is a new character.  DJ Alok has the “drop the beat” special power, while Chrono has the power to create a shield for self-defense.  Which character is good depends on the game player. If a person likes Chrono, how many Dj Alok.



Where can I get AWM in the free fire?

The awm sniper rifle is usually found inside the airdrop. Most of the time when a safe zone is formed, the awm is found at the top of the corner.

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