3 Step to Disable WhatsApp web notification

Have you also got irritation with the notification “WhatsApp web is currently active” on your smartphone? It means that someone is using your WhatsApp web right now.  

How can you disable WhatsApp web notification on iPhone or iOS

Are you irritated by seeing this unvoted notification on your home screen again and again?

So stay with us till the end. Here we have told you some of the simple methods, to fix the WhatsApp web notification problem on both Android phone and iPhone. So without wasting time let’s know-how?

If you follow it step by step, then I guarantee you that you will never have to face this problem again.

All processes start from the computer desktop. You scan the QR code of WhatsApp web from your android or ios. So that you can handle your WhatsApp from your pc.

If you are an office person or use your computer for a long time, then a facility saves you time and energy.

Once you are logged out using WhatsApp web, then after a while you again go to work on your desktop.

At the same time,you must have scanned your WhatsApp qr code, a notification will go in his phone as Security Management.

Then you will see those notifications again and again.

So let us tell you how to disable or hide web client notifications?

How can you disable WhatsApp web notification on iPhone or iOS

How can you disable WhatsApp web notification on iPhone or iOS

Do you use an Apple phone? So sometimes you must have seen a problem. You are trying to block your pop-up. But some special results will not be found.

To Turn off web notification permanently on iPhone follow this guide

  1.  Open your Settings option
  2.  Go to the in-app-notification manegment

  3.  click on whatsapp
  4.  Turn off allow notifucation option

If you turn off the A setting, you will not receive any message from whatsapp.

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If you message someone or you get a message in the group, then you will not get the notification.

You can fix the problem in your ios divice by turning off your sount and Vibrate option by going to the simple whatsapp app.

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stop WhatsApp Web Notification on android phone

How to stop WhatsApp Web Notification on android

If you use android mobile then follow this  step. Here you will save both your time and energy.

  1.  Press whatsaap icon for long time

  2.  Go to app info option

  3.  Select manage notification
  4.  Go to other notification

  5.  Close notification option

In Android and iOS, the process is to remove the notification by going to Settings.

There is not much difference in it.

In Android phones, you have to follow the same step.

Settings> app management> choose whatsaap> notification section> turn off blue tick

So you have seen that we can solve the problem very easily.

We have solved your problem here. But you can also solve this process from your pc desktop.

So let’s know how we can stop whatsapp web notifications from our desktop.

Simple way to remove WhatsApp Web Notification on PC desctops

How to remove WhatsApp Web Notification by Desktop

Step : 1 Go to Google and search the whatsaap web.

Step : 2 You will see three dots on the right, click on it.

Step : 3 Click on the Settings option.

Step : 4 You have to find the notification option.

Step : 5 go to off desktop sound, audio, vibrate and notifications

Step : 6 turn it off for 8 hour,1 week or 1 year

Just follow these 6 steps and get rid of your notifications.

Disable WhatsApp Web cleint active pop up on screen after log out

If you have taken care of everything mentioned above, then you will not have to face A problem again.

But even then many people have a notification again. So it is the bug of your mobile.

You do not have to panic, we have a very simple solution.

  1. Go to your phone Settings option.  (You can directly scroll down your screen)
  2. SilecS mute option
Now,any types of notification or message not showing.

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