Do you want to build a muscular body?

Do you want to gain fast weight?

Do you also worry about your body from many Time?

The answer is yes, so don’t worry. Many people was made body without going to the gym. Those people are also normal. If they can do it, then you can do it too.

Here we are providing a weight gain exercise app list That can help you to gain weight and make your body muscular.

All the apps given here are used by professionals. All these apps are available for free in Playstore. If you use this app, you will be able to create your favorite body within 30 days.

Below is the list. The apps are arranged according to different categories. This list includes only useful and working applications. No unnecessary or fraudulent applications are given here.

If you are serious about building your body, check out the apps below.


Best home workout app for weight gain

1 home work out – no equipmentworkout need

Here you can create a daily workout schedule according to your body. Here you have the option of daily reminder. With the help of which you can exercise every day.

If you are a beginner then you have the option of exercise accordingly. If you are a professional then you have the option of advanced level exercise.

You will also find a training plan and a personal coach here with the help of which you can achieve the target quickly.


  • Here you will get
  • Diet video and animation
  • Daily activity tracker
  • Stretching and warm-up routine


2 weight gain – diet and exercise 30 days

Here you have to join a 30-day diet and exercise program. In the meantime, if you are thin, you can train in such a way that you gain weight and you can make six pegs.

If you smile fat, it will give you the training to lose weight and become a six-peg.

You will see the whole month divided into 4 weeks. In which you have to complete a specific goal per week.


  • Simple home workout
  • White Progress Report
  • Personal support

Disadvantages: no


3 healthy me

Healthy is a great fitness app. Here you will find trainers who will take care of your daily activities.

Within this app, you will find Perfect Food Knowledge as well as Proper Behdhig Technique, Yoga Pose and Easy, Real Motivation Story.

Here you will find ready-made plans for what you should eat for breakfast in the morning, what to eat in the afternoon and what to eat for dinner in the evening.


  • Full-body workout
  • Diet chart
  • A calorie counter and sleep counter
  • Free health advise

Disadvantages: no

4 Gain weight for woman and mind

In this app, you will get a proper 30-day meal plan. Here is a separate section for a person with a skinny body. In which you get a 1-month challenge. In which you have to eat healthy food and do basic exercise at the same time.

This app was provided by ohealthApps.

You get a weekly milestone here. You have to complete it. By completing it you get a point.


  • Daily exercise at home
  • For man and female
  • Step by step guide
  • 24 × 7 chat support

Disadvantages: no


5 fitify – workout routine and training


Fitify allows you to work on different body parts. With the help of Fitify, you can work on your body area like arm, chest, belly, butt, thighs. Here you get 90 exercises that will keep your body fit.

Here you can learn the techniques of using fitness tools like using a kettlebell, TRX, and belly ball.


  • Personalize fitness plan
  • 15 minutes daily work out
  • Work offline
  • Voice coach
  • HD video guide

Disadvantages: no


6 fitpaa

Flitpaa offers you to make full-body In the next 12 weeks with a 100% guaranty.

Here at the starting of the app, you are asked to set your goal. You have to complete it on a specific date. Here you have to complete your set goal otherwise you will get a penalty.

If you are sure that you have achieved this goal then set a big target for it. Below are some important features of this app.


  • Diet tracker
  • Water tracker
  • Work out tracker
  • Water drinking reminder

Disadvantages: no


7 calorie counter – MyFitnessPal

calorie counter - MyFitnessPal

If you want to lose weight effectively, you can do so with the help of calorie counters.

The calorie count calculates how many calories you eat and how many calories you consume throughout the day.

If you eat 2400 calories during the day and consume 3000 calories then a total of 600 calories will be consumed from your fat which will cause you to lose weight.

This whole technique is shown in detail in this app.


  • Chart your progress
  • Progress photos
  • Nutrition report

Disadvantages: no

If you have seen all the above apps, select any one app. Then follow the day-by-day process as stated in it. If you do so, you will get the result.

The best app for diet and meal planning

Congratulations if you have followed the above steps. Now you have to follow a diet plan daily.  You can adjust the diet according to your needs.

My diet coach

This app helps you to select the right food according to your body type. It also motivates you, keeps you on the right path, and improves your lifestyle.

Here you can find the calories of all the vegetables and fruits. It also shows which calories are in which meal.

Here you have the option of a calorie counter, BMU counter, sleep counter, and goal tracker, through which you can achieve your target quickly.



Here we have seen all the coriander weight gain excise app. How many of these applications are very useful. At the same time, we have understood about daily diet routine that no matter how many exercises we do but without proper diet, we don’t get any result.