Ahmad op is one of the most famous pubg player In Pakistan. Let’s see ahmad pubg I’d name and other details.
The Pubg game is a world wide popular and highly played game. With the help of which millions of people have made their own identity due to the skill of playing their pubg on YouTube and other platforms.
In India, cassettes like Dynamo, Scott and YouTuber have become famous only because of pubg.
Ahamd op is play all games in Android phone and give there person  games.
Similarly, the top pubg players in Pakistan have named Ahmed op. So today we will find out everything about their real name, what they do, what is the ID number of the pubg, with which you can send them a friend request and play with them.

Pakistan pubg layer ahemad op real name,id and oher details

Hi friends, do you know how famous he is, how much he earns and how many followers are on YouTube and Instagram?  So stay tuned with us then you will not have any doubt.

So let’s know about this …

Info Numbers
Real name ahamad rana
Pubg id 534149618
Birth date Row 3, Cell 2
Age 17 year old
You tube 273K
Instagram 69K
Tik tok 70K
Face book 34K
Living place Lahore
Country Pakistan

We We have given a table above or you can give complete information of Ahmed OP whose ID number, real name and quite true information.

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He was born on 3 August 2003 in Lahore district, Pakistan.  He was interested in all kinds of online games from a very young age.

2017 was the time when player unknown battle ground mobile version was launched in all countries.  Within a short time of the launch of Pubg, he got included in the list of Pakistan’s top 5 pubg players due to his talent and courage.

YouTube was the biggest reason for her becoming famous. Do you know how much he earn today? So let’s know all her social media’s hold and followers.

This is a screenshot of first game win in cod in him mobile.

Ahmad first game in call of duty
Ahmad first game in call of duty

Question for you

Legend Ahmad followers on YouTube,Instagram and Tik Tok


Subscribers on YouTube
Subscribers on YouTube


YouTube Journey: 23 January 2018 He joined YouTube.  Then he put his first video, then he slowly put that video and today he has 273K subscribe and 109 videos in YouTube.

At first he was not so famous, but gradually he got hurt by collaborating with big YouTubers and due to his good playing skills, he has reached this stage today.


Instagram: (ig_ahmadop) has followers on her Instagram 39.4K and has 66 posts.  90% of the followers are from Pakistan and 10% are from other country.


Tim Tok: He has 70K followers on Tik Tik. Like all people, he was a common man.  So, it is quite natural that the ticker would put the video on it but the view did not come on it.  But ever since he became famous on YouTube, his Tik Tok videos have started getting views and followers.


Logo of legend Ahmad
Logo of legend Ahmad


Combining all these things, you will be surprised to know his earnings.


Total Earnings of Ahmad op


YouTube,Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok and all platforms together its estimate earnings are 256900 Indian rupees.

A boy born in a common houy has enough money to walk a house.  Earlier his earnings were nothing but now you can see how a 17-year-old boy earns 2.5 lakh today.

Question and answer section

Who is ahand legend / op?

Answer: he is one of the most popular pubg player in Pakistan. He is top 5 pubg players.

How much he earns?

Answer: 2.5 Lak per month.


How old he is?

Answer: 17 years old

How many subscribe he have on YouTube?

Answer: 273 K

What is pubg id name and number of him?

Answer: pubg id is 534149618 and name is legend Ahmad

This is the some viral video of legend

Most killed video – 37 kill in one single match.
How to see anyone scores and statics in your divice ?
Answer : simple this is 4 step process.
  1. Go on your game
  2. Find your photo you upload
  3. Click on it
  4. Go on stat
Now you can check all information of all your friends. You can check also him level, point,KD and many more as you can see.
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We saw all the information of Ahmed here.  Jeshki, what is his game ID, how he became such a big celebrity and how much money he is earning at such a young age today.  I hope you liked this post a lot and you will get the answer to all your questions.  So without any comment, comment below that how did you find our article.