Hello free fire lovers. Welcome to our website. Today we will talk about the no.1 player of free fire. Ajjubhai94 is the number one free fire YouTuber. Today we will see many questions related to it. number? What is Ajju Bhai Phone number? What is Ajju Bhai Contact Number? What is Ajju Bhai office address? Who is Ajju Bhai’s Girlfriend?

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Who is Ajju Bhai?

Ajjubhai’s real name is Ajay. He runs a youtube channel called total gaming. This channel has 28 million subscribers. He is one of the top free fire players in India. Is.

His channel has free fire, GTA 5, Minecraft related gaming videos. Apart from this, he also uploads videos of new upcoming games on ps5.

Ajjubhai is known as AWM KING. Because of him, many people play free fire today. He is a very big YouTuber who has not revealed his face till now. The craze of free fire was less in India. But because of a big player like ajjubhai, The number of free fire players has increased. Today all free fire players recognize Ajay.

real nameajay
age 21
phone nnumber 992493xxxx
WhatsApp number 7096900xxx
Address320008 Ahmedabad, Gujarat
EducationDiploma Dropout

Check out below for Ajju Bhai Phone Number.

Ajju Bhai Biography and Phone Number

Ajay comes from a middle-class family. He lives in Ahmedabad. His father and mother work in government jobs. His mother and father supported Ajjubhai to open a gaming channel.

He is a Diploma Dropout. He started his gaming career during his school days. He started playing games while he was in school. Then he started making videos on different games. .ajjubhai playing free fire even best at that time.

He is currently 24 years old. Everyone thinks that Ajay is drop out. People feel that he has not studied since the 12th. Ajjubhai says in a Facebook video that he opened his gaming channel during Diploma. also bought a gaming pc.

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  • Real Name: Ajay
  • Nickname: Ajju Bhai94
  • Date of Birth: 1997
  • Age: 24 years (as in 2021)
  • Hometown: Ahmedabad
  • Address: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Ajjubhai phone number and Whatsapp number

If you want to talk to ajjubhai, you can call the following number. Also here is the WhatsApp number in which you can message.

  • Phone number: 992493xxxx
  • Whatsapp number: 709690xxxx

Ajjubhai loves to talk to his fans. If you want to talk to him, you have to maintain discipline. Because after one controversy, Ajay did not like to talk to others. That this is my video that you can use. That video uses ajjubhai. So there was a strike on their channel. So they are angry. But if you talk calmly and say I am your big fan Talk to you soon and keep up the good content.

Ajjubhai Net worth

He opened his youtube channel in 2018. Meanwhile pubg and free fire game were very popular. So he chose to play free fire. Because he did not have a good phone at that time. While the free fire game runs on any device.

He has 28 million subscribers on his youtube channel. He has 1.5k videos on his channel. There are 4 billion views on this total video. According to him, ajjubhai earns monthly 10k to $ 15k monthly.

Ajjubhai also does a live stream in which millions of people join. During this stream, his fans super-chat him. Through which he also earns money. Is.

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Ajjubhai Facebook and Instagram – ajjubhai phone number

He has 900k followers on Instagram. He shares his personal life on Instagram, such as where he went for a walk today, what he bought, what he is doing now, etc. He has not uploaded his photo on Instagram yet.

He is very active on Facebook. He streams live on Facebook and talks to his subscribers. He loves to talk to his subscribers. Giving.

Ajjubhai home address and email id

Below you are given ajjubhai’s house address and email id. With the help of which you can find ajjubhai.

  • Address: 320008 Ahmedabad, Gujarat
  • Personal email id: ajjibhai9494@gmail.com

Ajay still does the job. He does it on youtube as part time job. He has not shown his real face yet. He stated the reason for this when he was live streaming with carryminati. He believes that man should do his job peacefully. So he wants to do his job in peace. If he reveals his face, his fans will come to meet him. Due to which ajjubhai cannot go for a walk alone. He likes to be alone.

Ajjubahi has 28 million subscribers on its youtube channel. So the free fire company keeps them for their promotion. Free fire gives them free diamonds and expensive clothes. If they have an issue during gaming, they talk to a direct free fire company.

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