Total Gaming is an Indian YouTube channel whose owner is Ajay ( people know him as Ajjubhai ). Total Gaming aka Ajay live streams the Free Fire game on his channel . Total Gaming is one of the top gaming channels in India with around 20 million subscribers . Ajay has not disclosed his full name but his first name is Ajay . In this post, we will talk to you about the biography of Total Gaming, income, wiki, net worth, and some other factors. LG G3

Do you know who is the real king of Garena ff? Who has the most subscribers on most gaming channels in India? Which channel is it? Who is this person?

So the voice will find the answers to all the questions here.

If you are a free fire player then you know that the largest free fire channel in India is total gaming. Jane is currently completing 18 million subscribers. This is a very large channel.

This channel is owned by Ajay aka. You know it as ajjubhai. Kya apko अज्जू भाई मंथली इनकम pata he. So let us get all the information about ajjubhai.


Who is ajjubhai Bhai?


Ajjubhai is a YouTuber who makes free-fire game videos. He also does a job. He is a very energetic person who regularly puts his gameplay videos and lives stream on youtube.

He makes a custom room and his fans flock to play with him. When he makes a custom room during the live stream, people wait for him. When he gives the password and we join.

When he gives the details of the customs room, the whole room is completed in 10 seconds. From this, you can estimate how big a youtuber he is.


Ajjubhai wiki Short biography age, height, and girlfriend


Real nameajay aka
hight5.6 feet
guild nameajjubhai94
youtube channeltotal gaming
subscribers23.5 million

He started your youtube journey 3 years ago today. He was uploading videos of all other games. He was 12th then.

After a while, the free fire game was launched. Then he started playing this game. Slowly views started coming in his videos.

He will be the first free-fire YouTuber to come up with a short kill technique. In addition, his video went viral on insta on FB.

His state is Gujarat. He speaks Gujarati but uses Hindi in his videos. He is 24 years old and 5.6 feet tall. His girlfriend’s name is Nikita, as told by his friends.

Free fire status and Id of ajjubhai 3


  • His ff id: 451012596
  • And his IGN: ajjubhai94.

Ajjubhai has played 9302 squad matches, 1587 squad matches, and 880 solo matches. You will find detailed information below.

We will see the total number of matches he has played and the number of matches he has won and also his k / d and rank status. We will know about his total kill and guild.

play match9516 squad
win match2437
win rate26%
most play rank match

Rank status

Ajjubhai ranked status

He plays the highest rank match. He is about to reach the Grandmaster tire. If you follow him, you will know that the Grandmaster title is won by 300 people in India alone.

  • Ajjubhai guild: Total gaming

Their lifetime rank point is as follows

Played match2262722
win match3713

How to find your user name and number? 

Are you a new free-fire player? Can’t find your name and id number? You can send invitations to your friends and play with them yourself.

If you are looking for your username then follow the steps below

  •  Open game
  •  Go on the left corner
  •  Click on your photo
  •  Open your profile details

Now you can see all your information here. Here you will find your nickname and id number. You can copy and send it to your friend via WhatsApp.

If you want to invite a friend, follow the steps below.

  •  Go on the right side
  •  Now click on the person icon
  •  Click on search friend
  •  Enter your friend id number
  •  Send a request
  •  Go on duo or squad (after accepting request)
  •  Find your friend on the list
  •  Click on the plus icon

Now your work is done. The request will be sent to your friend’s mobile. If he right clicks on it, it will come to your lobby.

Now you can play free fire with yourself and your friends.

What is मंथली इनकम of अज्जू भाई 


Ajay aka is a big YouTuber whose following is in the millions. That is why he does not share his detail. Also sometimes we got the personal detail of the ajjubhai from their friends and news website.

  •  Him mobile number: + 91-984720184
  •  Him contect number: + 91-9936628402
  •  Him WhatsApp number: + 91-6364829480

Above we have provided you official details. Please do not call them. They have a lot of work all day. You can send them a heart message. It will reply to you.

Official Instagram account of ajjubhai 

  • Ajay aka Instagram: total_gaming _officeal

Ajay is very active on Instagram. He shares daily updates of his channel and his real-life picture.

You can also follow Ajay on Instagram. For that, you have to go to Instagram and do a @total_gaming _officeal search.

The result that comes first will be official. You can follow it.

Real photo of aajubhai 94 – face reviled 


Ajay Bhai has been posting many gameplay videos on youtube for a long time. Due to which he has become a popular gamer in India. However, he has not shown his face to anyone yet.

Write people are waiting for them when Ajju will show his mouth.

Some time ago, he posted a gameplay video with carryminati. In it, carry asks why you don’t show your face. Then Ajay Bhai replied that I don’t like fame and popularity.

I want to live my life in peace. I don’t have to worry too much. Every day I play a game here and I earn. There is a lot of Atlung for me.

How much ajjubhai earn from youtube 


He has a channel, a total gaming channel, with 23.5 million subscribers and a total of 1.3k videos. He has a total view of 3 billion.

According to all these statuses, ajjubhai will be earning 35-40 lakh rupees in a month.

Despite all this earning, he works part-time and works on youtube in his free time.

Ajjubhai House and home address 

Ajay Bhai is a celebrity. He has kept all his information secret. However, he knows that he lives in Gujarat. No one knows more than this.

If you look at ajjubhai’s home address or city anywhere as he lives in Ahmedabad or Gandhinagar. It is all a rumor. No one knows his true details.

Unknown ajjubhai facts 

  •  Ajjubhai is a teenage boy
  •  Age Between 21 to 25
  •  Home Town Ahmedabad or Gandhinagar
  •  Subscriber 23.5 million
  •  Monthly income 35-40 lakh
  •  Girlfriend name Nikita
  •  Height 5.6 feet

How many subscribers of Total gaming channel?

  •  Subscribe: 23.5M +
  •  Videos: 1.3k +
  •  View: 3B +

Today ajjubhai completed 23.5 million subscribers on the total gaming youtube channel. His channel is the fastest-growing gaming channel.

He is the only YouTuber who has received 23.5 million subscriptions through the free fire game. 1.3k videos have been uploaded on his channel.


He has played matches with any youtube player of free fire like SK sabir boss, badge99, Amit Bhai as well as all players like ts gamer.

He is a good person and player. He builds a custom room with his viewer. He plays different types of matches in the customs room. Like only sniper mod, gloo wall challenge, factory challenge, etc.


Today we have seen all the information related to ajjubhai 94 in this post.

We talked about his gaming career and journey. In addition, we saw his details, what is his income, and how much money he earns monthly.