Amitbhai (Desi Gamers): Free Fire ID, UID, real name, stats, country, and other details


Garena Free Fire is a multiplayer shooting game. Most people in the world play this game. This has become a platform where people can play games together. The definition of online gaming has changed in the last few years. This game has proven to be beneficial for content creators. Many people have become famous because of this game.

Amitabhai’s free fire id is 206746194. His real name is Amit Sharma. In this post, you will see his real name, uid, stats, and more. Here we will see his lifetime stats, classic stats, and ranked stats. he is the best free fire player and Youtuber. he has over 12 million subscribers on his youtube channel. he uploads free fire gameplay videos on youtube and also does live streams.

Amitbhai’s real name, Free Fire ID, and stats

Amitbhai’s Free Fire ID

Amitbhai’s real name is Amit Sharma. His Free Fire ID is 206746194, and his in-game name (IGN) is AMITBHAI. He is the leader of SURVIVORS guild.

Lifetime stats

All-time stats

Amitbhai has played a total of 7251 squad matches out of which 2049 matches have been won. In all these matches he has killed 18793 so that his K/D ratio is 3.61.

Let’s talk about duo mode, he has played 3897 duo matches, out of which he has won 694 matches. In the Duo match, his K/D is 3.17 and he has collected 10156 frags.

In the solo match, he has played 3120 solo games and 255 Booyahs. In this match, he has eliminated 6849 players. So his K/D ratio is 2.39.

Ranked stats

Ranked stats

He has played 369 games in the current ranked season and won 72 games. So his winning ratio is 19.51%. In these games, he has 9 kills so his K/D is 3.33.

He has played 179 duo mode matches. In Duo mode, he has won 26 match and killed 574 enemies. His Rank duo K/D ratio is 3.75.

Last, he has played a total of 64 solo matches. Out of solo matches, he has won 6 matches and eliminated 196 players. So that his K/D ratio is 3.38.

His YouTube channel

Amitbhai youtube channel name is Deshi Gamers. This youtube channel was started three years ago. This channel has over 12 million subscribers. He has uploaded a total of 1K videos on this channel. His channel has 172 million lifetime views.

Check His youtube channel.

His social media accounts

Amitbhai is more active on Facebook and Instagram. He comes live on Facebook and talks to his fans. Below is the link to his social media accounts.





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