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Hello free fire lovers. Welcome to our website. Today we will talk about the best free fire player As Gaming. As Gaming is one of the biggest free fire YouTubers. Today we will see many questions related to him. Like What is As Gaming Phone number? What is As Gaming Contact Number? What is As Gaming office address? Who is As Gaming Girlfriend?

If you want to see the answers to all these questions then read this post till the end. All your questions will be solved here. Here is all the information about As Gaming.

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Who is As Gaming?

real nameSahil Rana
phone nnumberCheck here
WhatsApp numbercheck here
Education12th pass

As Gaming is a famous YouTuber who makes free fire game videos. He has 14.1 million subscribers on his channel. He has been making videos on youtube since 2016. His real name is Sahil Rana.

Sahil Rana is a young free fire player who participates in free fire tournaments and streams live on youtube. Now he has a youtube silver play button, gold play button, and diamond play button.

As Gaming number and Whatsapp number – as gaming uid

He is keen to talk to his fans and subscribers. Often he comes live on Facebook and Instagram. In the meantime, he talks live with his followers. If you want to talk to him personally, call the number given below. you can.

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  • As Gaming phone number: 814028xxxx
  • As Gaming Whatsapp number: 931385xxxx
  • as gaming uid is 169525329

He is an open minded person. You have to call him for some time. Because most of the time he is busy live streaming and making videos on youtube. If you call during work, he will not pick up the phone.

As Gaming Biography and contact Number

His real name is Sahil Rana. He grew up in a poor family. He is a resident of Delhi. He completed his schooling in Delhi. He is a 12th pass student. He opened a youtube channel after the 12th. The channel was deleted because they did not have views on the channel.

He started a channel called As Gaming in 2016. He didn’t get any views in the beginning. So he was very disappointed. However, he didn’t believe her and continued to make videos. People started liking it very much.

His video went viral. So he got 1 million subscribers complaining in 6 months. He is a very good free fire player. He streams free-fire games live on youtube. is an expert in fights. His video gets 1 million to 5 million views.

He has 2k videos on youtube channel. He has a total of 1.7 billion views. He earns 5 thousand $ to 10 present મહિ a month through youtube. He is also very active on Facebook and Instagram. He has 589k followers on Instagram. He has Facebook and Instagram. I also earn money through paid promotions.

They make videos with big free fire YouTubers like ajjubhai, Amit Bhai, Gyan sujan, desi gamer. They like to play in most of the team.

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As Gaming home address and email id – as gaming uid

They live in Delhi. If you want to meet them, below is the address of their house. You can go there and meet as gaming. They take time to meet their fan. Talking with

  • As Gaming Address: F-41, First Floor, Connaught Place, New Delhi
  • Email id of As Gaming:
  • Uid : 169525329

If you want to message as gaming, you can message in the above email. This is his personal email in which he is replying to his followers. You can share any personal thing on this email. Will provide a solution to your problem.

Sahil Rana phone number

Below is the working phone number of Sahil Rana. Many people think As gaming and Sahil Rana are differently. These two people are the same person. You can contact them through the number given below. This number is their personal number. No one else picks up.

  • Sahil Rana phone number: 814028xxxx

They are free during the night. If you call at night, it will pick up your phone. If you call during the current work, there will be no reply to your phone.

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