As Rana Biography

Sahil Rana aka As Rana is very famous free fire youtuber. The name of his youtube channel is As Gaming. He started making videos on YouTube from 2018. His age is 18 years. People love to watch his free fire game play videos. He is an esport player and a member of the free fire partner program.

He told his real name in an interview. His youtube channel has A for Akshay and S for Sahil. He named the YouTube channel after himself. He was fond of being a YouTuber since his childhood. So he made a youtube channel during his 8th class. In which he started posting free fire related videos in 2018.

As Rana YouTube Channel

As Rana aka As Gaming youtube channel has more than 15 million subscribers. He is one of the top 3 free fire youtubers in India. He started his career in 2018. Free Fire was launched in India in 2018. So there was a free fire craze in India.

Many youtubers became famous at this time. One of which is the name of As Gaming. He thought of uploading a video of himself playing free fire on youtube. His idea was supported by his friend. So he started uploading videos without commentary. Then slowly people started liking Sahil rana’s videos. So he started making videos with commentary.

As Rana Free Fire UID Number

As Rana’s free fire UID is 325004558. If you want to make As rana a friend, you can make it through this id number. It will accept your friend request. Then you can play with it. A lot of people want to play with the big youtubers. You can fulfill your wish through the uid number given above.

As Rana Facts

  • As rana’s real name is Sahil Rana.
  • He has more than 15 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. He had so many subscribers in 3 years.
  • All his videos average 200K to 1M views.
  • Its total views are 2 billion.
  • He has made videos with big free fire youtubers like ajju bhai and gyan sujan.
  • Amit bhai is her best friend.