Many people want to change their voice in Free Fire. There are two main reasons for this. First, people have to change their voice to make a video. Second, people have to prank their friends and team members. Apart from this, people use voice changer for different purposes.

You will find many voice changer apps on Play Store. All these apps do their job well, but there are some apps that are used by pro gamers and youtubers. If you know about this app then you can also sound like it.

Many apps are given below. Which is used by Badge 99. Badge 99 is a very good free fire player and Youtuber. He uploads free fire related videos on his father’s channel. Its viewers are in millions. He uses the following app in his videos.

If you also want to sound like Badge 99, then you can use the application given below. This app is free and available on play store. You can install this app directly from play store.

Which App Badge 99 Use for Changing Voice

Badge 99 uses VoiceFX, Voice Mod, and Clownfish to change his voice. This is the top 3 apps by which mostof youtuber dad works. Badge 99 uses VoiceFX to enhance.

He told about VoiceFX app in a qna video. This app is available on play store for free. You can download this app by searching VoiceFX on play store.

If you are watching the videos of badge 99 then you will know that he also adds voice effect in his father’s video. For that he uses video editing software. He changes his voice during video editing and adds special effects to it. So his video looks more engaging.

You can use VoiceFX app to make videos on YouTube. In this app you have to do recording. You can record directly by opening the app or use pre-recorded audio. Select the audio you want to convert and click on ok.

After the couplet process, your voice will have changed. You can also use this application while playing free fire. For that you have to open this application first and turn on the recording button. Then you have to directly open free fire and turn on the microphone.

Ajjubhai Voice Changer App Download

Ajjubhai uses Voice Mod to change his voice. He uses this app in some of his videos. He prefers to give his real voice in the video. But sometimes when he wants to prank his friends, he uses Voice Mod. He made a prank video with as gaming and amit bhai. In which she talks to amit bhai as a girl. Ajjubhai doesn’t need much to change his father’s voice. People prefer its original sound.

Raistar voice changer app download

Raistar uses Clownfish to change his voice. You will also find Raistar voice changer app on Play Store. Which makes a special sound similar to Raistar’s voice. This application is used by many new youtubers. If you want to download this app then you can download it from play store.

Raistar’s voice is different from other free fire players. People like to watch his videos because of his gaming skills and editing skills. If you also want to make a sound like Raistar then you can use Clownfish app. In this app you get the option of direct voice change and live voice change.

Live free fire voice changer app download

You can use Free Fire Voice changer with effects app to change live voice. In this app you get option to change live voice. People who want to stream free fire live can use this app.

Big youtubers with millions of subscribers also use the same app. You need to have a pc to use this app. You have to tell your phone as mic use while streaming tamas live.

This app will change your voice and broadcast it directly to your live stream. For that your gmail id of youtube and application should be same.

You can directly install this app in computer. In background you have to open this app and in another page you have to start live stream. Then the app will convert what you say into another voice.

How to change your voice In free fire

The process of changing voice in Free Fire is very simple. For that you have to use an application. Many free fire youtubers change the voice in their videos. The process is same in all applications. Let’s take the ‘VoiceFX’ app for example.

You have to search this application on play store and download it. You have to install the App and give all necessary permissions. Then you will get the option of different objects and people’s voices.

If you want to make girl’s voice then click on girl’s option. Apart from this you will get voice options like animal, old, yong, boy, baby, alien etc. Click on the item you want to view.

Then you have to press the record button to speak. If you have video then select video in this app. After the process is completed you have to click on ok. After clicking on Ok you will get your file in which your voice will be changed. Many free fire youtubers are commenting by changing father’s voice in live stream through premium app.