List of Best Heroes in Top War Game [Tier & Rank]


Top war is a battle game. More than 100 million of them have been downloaded on Play Store. Here you have to create and play war strategy. In this game, you get many heroes. Through it, you have to fight the war. Here you can upgrade and merge. Top War game online is a competitive game.

There are a lot of heroes in the top war game. Most people do not know about their rank and power. So here we have given the Top War tier list of all the best heroes. With the help of this, you will know about all the top war best heroes. If you have information about all the heroes then you can make a good game strategy and win more rounds.

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Top War Heroes Tier list

In the Top War game, most of the heroes are included In SSR List. Top War Tire list includes main SSR, SR, and R heroes. The importance of the hero depends on its rarity. As the hero’s rarity grows his value will increase and more troops will join the battle. SSR heroes have more troops than R heroes. So the value of SSR heroes is more than R heroes.

For this, the heroes of SSR are included in the Top tier of Top War. You can win the game even if you have SR and R heroes. But if you have SSR heroes, your chances of winning the game will increase. You have to play more games to get SSR heroes.

There are three main types of heroes in the Top War game. These include Air Force heroes, Army heroes, and Navy Heroes. All these heroes are divided according to their tier. The game is so much fun to play because of the different tiers and specialization. You can select heroes as per your requirement.

Top War game best heroes combination and skills.

complete Top War tier list of best heroes

Top war features Air Force heroes, Army Heroes, and Navy Heroes. All these heroes are divided into S Tier, A Tier, B Tier, C Tier, and D Tier. The complete list is given below.

Best Air Force heroes in Top War

S Tier

  • Rockfield (SSR)
  • Lady Zizak (SSR)
  • Villiers (SSR)
  • Tian Mu (SSR)
  • Dante (SSR)
  • Hartman (SSR)
  • Arthur Harris (SSR)

A Tier

  • Tsuru (SSR)
  • Nadia (SSR)
  • Sauvage (SSR)

B Tier

  • Edward (SSR)

C Tier

  • Ricardo (SR)

D Tier

  • Dr. Gero (SR)
  • O’Neill (R)

The best Army heroes in Top War

S Tier

  • Arcee (SSR)
  • Ben (SSR)
  • Katyusha (SSR)
  • Tywin (SSR)
  • Gira (SSR)
  • Alex (SSR)

A Tier

  • Cromwell (SSR)
  • Bell (SSR)
  • Li Hongyu (SSR)
  • Fahed (SSR)
  • Silence (SSR)
  • Bradley (SSR)

B Tier

  • Friedman Hertz (SSR)
  • Sam (SSR)
  • Diana (SSR)
  • Kuruzo (SSR)

C Tier

  • Amalia (SSR)
  • Rambo (SR)
  • Delhuyar (SR)
  • Ishi Tarou (SR)
  • Reichstein (SR)

D Tier

  • Wade (SR)
  • Black Widow (R)
  • Kate Curry (SR)


The best Navy heroes in Top War

S Tier

  • Nereid (SSR)
  • Yuu (SSR)
  • Bassel (SSR)
  • Chloe (SSR)
  • Bellevue (SSR)
  • Akatora (SSR)
  • Nimitz (SSR)

A Tier

  • Teresa (SSR)
  • Katrina (SSR)
  • Violet (SSR)
  • Sid (SSR)
  • Anderson Nemo (SSR)
  • Merida (SSR)

B Tier

  • Lee Yewon (SSR)
  • Ganso (SSR)

C Tier

  • Hammer (SR)
  • Simon (SR)

D Tier

  • Bob (R)

Best Top War game winning tips and tricks

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