Do you want to be a pro player in pubg? Do you also wish that no one could kill you? Then you have to turn on some extra audio settings which most of the players didn’t know. 

Here we have shown the best pubg sound settings. Pro players and tournament players also use this same setting.

We’ve got information about this setting from the official social media pages of various major YouTubers, tournament players, and pubg pages. Once you have done this setting you will hear the net footsteps of the enemy around you.


best pubg audio and sound settings to hear enemies footsteps

best pubg audio and sound settings to hear enemies footsteps


Often when you are in a room, an enemy comes around you. If you have a proper setting, you will immediately realize from which direction the enemy comes. You also have to look at the map. But if your audio setting is not customized then you don’t have an idea.

That’s why we have brought the latest pubg sound setting to enhance your gaming experience. It is divided into two parts which are as follows.

Simple Step increase footstep sound in PUBG

If you want to listen to enemy Footsteps louder, turn on the following setting.

  • SFX – High
  • Master – High
  • Microphone – 70-80%
  • UI – High
  • Speaker – Low
  • Music – According to you

For this you have to go to settings> audio and first make SFX high, then master high, microphone 70% -80%, UI high, keep the speaker low, and keep the music as you like

This will help you to know the frequency of footsteps.

If you have done this setting then see the next step.

Check this : headset for Small head people


pubg mobile ultrasound effects settings

Pubg Game has a new feature called Ultra HD Sound. To use this feature you first need to download an audio file. Then you will be able to use this feature. With this, you will be able to hear a very small sound.

But this option does not support low-end devices. For that, we have shown below how to turn on ultra audio.


steps to enable ultra-sound in pubg

  • Download pubg ultra audio file
  • Open your file manager
  • Copy or cut this file
  • Paste this file in data> com.tencent.ig> files> UE4Game> ShadowTrackerExtra> ShadowTrackerExtra> Saved> Paks

This is a very easy way to enable Ultra Audio in Pubg. You can find this file in Google.

For that, you have to search the pubg extra audio file in google. That file can be found in zip format. Then extract it.  Finally, paste as shown above in the main audio file.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

If you want to know about pubg pc and pubg lite sounds settings, you don’t need to set it separately. All pubg games have the same sound and voice setting.

One extra tip for you: Turn off your world Voice Chat So Enemies Can’t hear your voice. Often if you are talking to your teammate the enemy will be heard so that he will sing to you soon.

So now let’s learn how to reduce gun sound in pubg mobile. Because when you play a game, the gun sound sounds a bit more.


How to reduce gun sound in pubg Mobile

If you improve the pubg mobile audio settings, as shown above, you will not hear more gun sound. Also, if you want to reduce the gun sound effect separately, slow down the simple volume.

There is no separate option for Weapon. If you slow down the volume from the phone or the game settings, your gun sound will decrease but at the same time footstep voice will also decrease.

From the gun sound, you know which gun the other person is using. But if there is a close fight this voice increases. So you don’t hear anything else and you panic.


Solve PUBG audio problem in realme after upadate

After the new Pubg update new problem has arisen for many real users since. The audio in their phone does not listen the same. Many people ask me if we can use a sound equalizer for that? So the answer is no. You don’t need to do the unit. This is not a technical fault. All you have to do is adjust the settings of your realme phone.

To fix PUBG audio problem in realme phone follow this guide.


Turn off headphone Monitor

The headphone monitor option is provided by realme. With its help, you can enjoy live karaoke. If you have this option on, you will hear noisy sounds during the game or no other sound.


Turn on the Dolby Atmos option

Dolby sound is known as surrounding sound. It allows you to make more accurate decisions. All pro players keep this option on. With the help of which they can perform better. You should use good headphones to hear this sound.


Turn off mono audio

Mono audio knows as audiou output. Mono audio manage your headphone speaker. If you turn it off you will listen to good sound effects. Mono audio use for listening to songs or movies, not for gaming.


Bellow, we are providing dedicated video related to all these pubg mobile sound settings.  You can see this video as practical knowledge. if you have any questions related to this article then comment Bellow.