Free Fire Attitude Bio – Free fire craze is increasing in all other countries including India. The main reason for this is the increasing technology and graphics of games. In Free Fire you get computer level graphics. The games which you could play only on computer, you can now easily play in your mobile. After pubg ban many people have started playing free fire. The war of free fire vs Pubg is going on on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. In which many people make videos supporting ff and many people make videos supporting pubg.

People who like to play free fire mention it in their Instagram bio. In Instagram you get a bio feature. In which you can give information about yourself. Here people write their likes, birthdate, name, favorite thing etc.

If you are a free fire lover then this post is for you. Here you will find many status, bio, captions and shayari related to free fire. Which you can use in Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp.

Free Fire Attitude Bio in Hindi

हम free fire वाले बन्दे है,
हमें सिर्फ हमरे निशाने से मतलब है
दुनिया से नहीं

नो बात, नो बकवास,
Free Fire है सबसे खास

हमें ना कोई रोके ना कोई टोके,
जो भी आड़ा फटे
Free Fire वाले उसे ठोके

बोट को मारकर खुदको pro बोलने वाले,
दम है तो हमें भी आजमाले

बोट को मारकर बोले हम है pro
जब हमसे सामना हो, तो बोले ping आ रही है bro

हम किसीका बेलेंस ओर रिचार्ज नहीं करते
हम free fire वाले है Diamond ओर Elite Pass लेते है

दिल से क्यों खेलते हो बार बार,
अगर खेलने का सोख है तो free fire खेलो

उसने कहा मेरी Squad तुम्हारी Squad से खतरनाक है,
बेटा उसे पता नहीं है, ये शेर अकेला तेरी Squad का बाप है

जिंदगी बदलने के लिए कई तकनीक आजमानी,
साली कम्बख्त जिंदगी मे कोई फर्क ही नहीं पड़ता था,
फिर मेने free fire डाउनलोड करली
फिर जिंदगी ऐसी बदली के पूछो मत

मुझे free fire खेलते देख सब कहते है की क्या खेल रहा है,
ओर तू मेरे साथ खेल रही है

मेरे सामने जो बड़ी बड़ी बाते किया करते ते,
मेने कहा एकबार room बनाकर खेल,
खेलकर एक राउंड कहते है नेटवर्क नहीं आ रहा

हमरी एंट्री चाहे लेट हो, इसका मतलब ए नहीं के हम आलसी है,
एंट्री भले लेट हो, लेकिन हमें कोई लेटा नहीं सकता

हमेशा चश्मे ओर गॉगल्स लगाने वाले पढ़ाकू नहीं होते,
जमाना बदल गया है,
हम free fire वाले भी चश्मा लगाते गे

Free Fire Attitude Bio in English

Free fire is my life,
Don’t mistake this for just a game,
This has changed the lives of many people.

Die or die in free fire,
Win or lose

The real fun of playing the game is taking the free fire player.
Those playing other games are passing time.

Life is beautiful with three things
Free fire, High ping, and friends

My dream life = Play Free Fire

I Am Danger with good network and ping,
For Other Players

Your whole squad and me alone,
I alone am enough for your squad.

Life is game,
In the game you get a second chance,
There is no second chance in life.

In my opinion Free fire is first
Other things are second, third and fourth

No tension, no worry, no depression
Play free fire, enjoy free fire

Free Fire Attitude Captions For Instagram

  • Many people say that he is a pro player. But in fact it loses to bot player too.
  • You play other games, because I won’t let you win.
  • You think you are a pro player, don’t ever think of breaking your web.
  • Try playing room with me once, then stop playing free fire.
  • Landing soon, collect gun soon, come to safe zone soon, I am waiting for you.
  • There was no fun in life before 2018. Because 2018 was not free fire before.
  • Main two things are famous in Free Fire. One is me and the other is my victory.
  • One shot one kill. One bullet one head. Pat se head shot.
  • There is no one who can defeat me. For that you have to prepare for years.
  • Free fire is my life line. No other can replace it.

Free fire Attitude Status

Here you are given free fire status videos. You can use this video in your whatsapp status. You can also use this video in your Facebook and Instagram stories. You will find different types of status video and text here.