If you are in the blogging field, you know the technical Ripon. It has launched a course blogging mafia pro. It costs 3000 rupees. You can download it for free here.

Free seomafia (blogging mafia) course

Technical Ripon is a big blogging YouTuber. Its channel has 250K subscribers. If you want to learn blogging, you can follow its channel.

It will teach you a backlink, link building, SEO pro technique, etc. You will soon become a pro blogger. This is the best Hindi youtube channel to learn blogging.

Check blogging Mafia SEO courses

This course of technical Ripon is also known as seomafia pro or blogging mafia pro. There are other versions of this too, such as seomafia version 1.2, etc.

You can download this full course through the link above.

How to download technical Ripon course

  • Click the link below
  • Go on course download
  • Select your seomafia video
  • Click on play
  • Select download option

You can download this course just by following the steps above.

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