BnfTV phone number and contact information


BnfTV is very famous Indian youtuber. Do you want to talk to him on the phone? BnfTV phone number is given here. In this post you will get to know his monthly income, net worth, email id, address etc. If you are a fan of BnfTV and love watching its videos, then you will also love this post.

Who is BnfTV

BnfTV is a movie review youtube channel. This channel has 965K subscribers. In a short time this channel will have 1 million subscribers. Total 679 videos have been uploaded on this channel. You will get movies related content on this channel. If you like watching movies then BnfTV videos will also be liked.

What is BnfTV Phone Number

BnfTV is a normal person. He started his YouTube channel in 2018. He has faced many problems in the beginning of his career. Because he was doing college in 2018. He didn’t have enough time to make a video. So he used to shoot his video at 1-2 in the night.

After completing college, he started working in a mall. But he did not like working in the mall. His desire was to make videos on YouTube. In 2020, there was a lockdown due to Corona. So he also got time to make videos.

He used to make videos all day during the lock down. So the number of subscribers on his channel started increasing. Gradually he completed 1 lakh subscribers. After that many of his videos went viral. So the growth of his channel started fast.

The feature of shorts was launched in YouTube at that time. So many new people started becoming popular. BnfTV has created collaboration videos with many other youtubers. He has another youtube channel. whose name is man of culture.

BnfTV Whatsapp number and other contact details

  • Whatsapp number: +91 9364882xxx
  • Phone number: +91 9886320xxx
  • Office number: +91 9709220xxx
  • Address: Mumbai, India
  • Email id:

Here we provide contact details of BnfTV like address, email id, office number, and Whatsapp number.

BnfTV Net Worth

BnfTV’s main source of income is YouTube. He also promotes many brands and products on YouTube. So his monthly income is 3 lakh to 7 lakh. He also promotes apps and movies in his videos. Due to this, he earns an extra Rs 1 lakh. His net worth is 4 crores.

BnfTV Social Media accounts

BnfTV is more active on Facebook and Instagram. He has 102k followers on Facebook. Here he promotes his YouTube videos. He has 202k followers on Instagram. He shares photos and videos of his life and routine on Instagram. If you watch BnfTV videos, you will love to see photos of his personal life. For that you can follow BnfTV on Instagram and Facebook. He often comes live on Instagram and talks to his followers. If you are lucky you will also get a chance to talk to BnfTV.

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