you don’t know your mobile hotspot password?  Don’t worry.  Simply go on your hotspot manager and open your password section.

Here we will teach you how to view hotspot password on your mobile.  But there are many other points that will annoy you. 

After reading this post, you will not have any questions related to a hotspot.  We have solved your query in detail here.

Mobile Hotspot Settings in Android

You can decide how to use your internet through the hotspot setting option.

All Android phones like Samsung, Redmi, Oppo all have the same hotspot setting of the phone in a simple order up and down.

You can set how much data the person in front of you uses.  You can set custom data limits.  In which you can set limits of 100Mb, 200Mb, 500Mb, 1Gb.


Set data limit in hotspot

Alternatively, you get a coriander option in which you can set a hotspot password.  Also, you can set different security.

Here you can choose the name of your hotspot and set the AP band to 2.4 GHz.

You can turn off visible to other devices if you don’t want to show your hotspot to another person.  So that you can give the data to your chosen person.

Viable to other divice


Here you will find the connection management option.  Which lets you set limits on how many people will connect to your hotspot.  From here you can set data usage limit through the data restriction option and block any other mobile device through the blacklist option.

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How do i turn on the hotspot

I know you 2 methods of viewing hotspot passwords.  The first is very simple and straightforward.  The second method will take you some time.

Method 1: direct method

  • Open your phone and turn down the screen.(In some mobiles, people swipe up from below, swipe up from below)
    Swipe down screen


  • A hotspot icon will appear as shown in the picture. simply click on it.
    Turn on Personal hotspot


Your hotspot will be turned on.

Method 2 : 

  1. Open the setting option.
    Open hotspot


  2. Go to other wireless connection / more
    Mobile hotspot password


  3. Click on personal hotspot / portable hotspot
    Click hotspot option


  4. Turn on Personal hotspot options
    Turn on hotspot



how to find mobile hotspot password easily

To find your hotspot status follow these steps with us.


  1. Swipe down on your mobile screen and long press on hotspot options
    Press on hotspot icon


  2. Now go on personal hotspot setting
  3. Here you see your hotspot name, security, and password
    Hotspot password check


How to change hotspot password

To change your hotspot password follow these steps

Open personal hotspot option

Change hotspot password


Go on the personal hotspot setting option

Here you can see the password option. 

Change hotspot password

Create your password at list 8 charter long.  (This option will not be seen if your security OTO laughs off or laughs at non)

How do I share WiFi/hotspot password phone to phone?

Most of the time your password is too short.  Someone you remember doesn’t remember it. If you want to send your WiFi password to someone else, follow the steps below.

  • Open hotspot setting


  • Click on hotspot manager
  • Here you can see your password.  Simply copy it and send people as you want


Share your hotspot password


Why my hotspot not working

Do you still have problems connecting to WiFi after fixing the hotspot?  So there could be 5 main reasons.

Your Visible to other device option is off.  Simple is better if this option is turned off.



Turn on your data option.  Mostly pepopl  forgets to start the data after they start the hotspot.

Most of the time your WiFi option does not show other hotspots due to some technical glitch.  For that, you can start and stop the wifi option.


How can I share my mobile data without a hotspot?

There are only 2 ways if you want to share your internet data with others without a hotspot.  You can send data via Bluetooth and via USB.

How to share internet data via Bluetooth

  • Go to the Bluetooth option 
    Turn on Bluetooth


  • Click on Bluetooth sharing
    Allow Bluetooth to share data


  • Allow Bluetooth to share mobile data


How to share internet data via USB

You can share the Internet with a laptop or computer via USB cable. 

For that, you have to connect the USB cable to the phone.  Then simply Open the USB tethering option.

Share internet data with USB



Now you can share data with a PC or laptop.

My friend ask me – Will the hotspot use battery?

The answer is yes.

You may have noticed that the phone’s battery is used more when you turn on data and use the phone.  Also, if you start a hotspot, someone else will join you.  As your data usage increases, your battery will drain faster.

You can lower the screen light if you want to save batteries.  The light consumes most of your charging.



Here you can see all the information about the hotspot password of Android phones.  Also learned internet sharing without a hotspot.  If you still have any questions, the comment box below is for you.