Now download free chekuthan Whatsapp. This app is available for Android, ios, tablet as well as pc. In the new version coming in 2021, you will find bug fixes as well as new features. If you use the old version of this app Features will be less. Please update to the latest version soon.

There were many problems in the old version of this application, such as a group joining problem, in which you cannot join any group. To join any Whatsapp group, you need the link to that group. With this link, you can join any group. Would.

If you use the old version, you cannot join the group through the link. In addition, you will also see the problem of the whatsapp crash. In which the app will be closed as soon as you open the app. You will see many problems. But in the new update, all these problems have been fixed.

download chekuthan Whatsapp latest version apk

You are now ready to download chekuthan whatsapp for free. Here are some notes:

  • check our installation guide for easy installation.
  • Minimum 2GB RAM needed.
  • 30Mb space needed.

Here you will find new features like an auto-reply, anti bombing, spam message, bulk message. With the help of which you can get your work done quickly.

The auto-reply is a new feature in which you can reply automatically to any person. You have to set what you want to reply to. Anyone who sends you a message will get an automatic reply.

In Original Whatsapp, you can forward a message, video, or photo to five people. While there is no limit here. You can forward your message or photo to an unlimited person and group.

You can avoid fraudulent messages through spam messages and anti bombing. You can’t send a bot message. In this app, you will see many such new features.

This is a golden opportunity for you if you run a youtube channel. With this feature, you can send your video to more groups. In normal WhatsApp, you will have a lot of difficulty in sharing videos. Here you have more time to share videos or links. While here you can share the video in all groups with one click.

If you want to see another version of Arakkal CHEKUTHAN WhatsApp is given below. You can take any version of it. All these apps are free. You don’t have to pay any charge. Below you will also find the premium version of this app is free.

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