If we look for the best channel for a movie review and the latest movie update, then the first name is ComicVerse. If you want to see the phone number of ComicVerse then you have come to the right place. Here you will find all his contact number and Whatsapp number.

Who is ComicVerse

ComicVerse is a famous Youtuber. His channel has 1.16 million subscribers. He has uploaded a total of 916 videos. It is included in India’s top 10 movie review youtubers.

You will find many channels on YouTube that review movies. But the ComicVerse channel gives you a different feel. In his videos, you get complete information about the movie. What is the story of the movie, what is special in the movie, what kind of response is the movie getting etc. His videos have all the things that are not seen in the videos of other YouTubers.

What is ComicVerse Phone Number

ComicVerse is a very old Youtuber. He started making videos in 2019. Then as people started liking watching movie-related updates and news, the ComicVerse YouTube channel also grew.

Earlier people were less fond of watching movie-related content. But a new category started on YouTube. In which people make review and reaction video of the movie. This category includes pj explained, ComicVerse and many other youtubers.

ComicVerse used to make videos on Marvel movies. Then he slowly started making videos on Hollywood and Bollywood movies as well. He also makes videos on web series on netflix, hotstar and other ott platforms. People need to watch a ComicVerse video before watching a movie. So that people get an idea whether the movie is interesting or not.

If you are fan of marvel studio then you will definitely like the video of ComicVerse channel. Due to this, ComicVerse explains all the details of marvel in its video. Whenever a new movie trailer comes out, ComicVerse makes a video on it. In which he makes an assumption about the movie that what can happen in the movie. 70% of his assumptions/predictions are correct.

ComicVerse Whatsapp number and other contact details

Below is the WhatsApp number of ComicVerse. You can message this number. You should not use any profanity in the message. ComicVerse will reply you in his free time.

  • Whatsapp number: +91 6424882xxx
  • Phone number: +91 9808360xxx
  • Office number: +91 9706635xxx
  • Address: Delhi, India
  • Email id: comicversh@gmail.com

Here we provide contact information of ComicVerse like email id, address, Whatsapp number, and office number. Do not spam or call constantly.

ComicVerse Net Worth

ComicVerse is very famous entertainment channel. According to its subscribers and average views, the monthly income of ComicVerse will be 4 lakhs to 10 lakhs. His net worth is 2 crores to 10 crores. He also promotes in his videos. So it makes side income. Its earning is through adsence. He also has many followers on Instagram and Facebook. So he earns money from Instagram and Facebook through promotion. All this information is speculative. Only ComicVerse will have the exact figures.

ComicVerse Social Media accounts

You will find ComicVerse accounts on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. He has a page on Facebook. In which he uploads his short youtube videos. He has about 3 lakh followers on Instagram.

He shares a clip of his video on Instagram. Here he also shares his real life photos. You can search ComicVerse on Instagram and find its official account.

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