Today millions of people play free fire games. They want him to be the best player. For that, they buy good clothes, buy elite passes and do training. Today we are How to convert gold coins into diamonds Garena free fire. So let’s use your precious time.

Way to Convert gold into diamonds in free fire

Take participants in tournaments

Free fire is an online game. Here you can’t convert gold to a diamond in any way. You will find many videos on the internet claiming to turn gold into diamonds. But all those videos are fake. If you do, your account will be suspended. So don’t use any trick or hack. If you don’t want to ban your ID, don’t try to hack the game. And if you just want a diamond, here are some free methods to You can increase diamond.

Tournaments are a very good and legal way to get diamonds and rewards. Free fire game hosts small and big tournaments every month. You can win tournaments by participating in them. You will get big prizes and gifts. You get a lot of big prizes in events and tournaments. This way you can get a diamond without any app.

Free fire diamonds generator application

There are many diamond generators available on Playstore. Most of them are fake. Showing ads to you in a fake app is to your advantage. But your time and effort are wasted. So use only a few genuine applications in which you have to complete different tasks. By completing this task you will get some points. You can convert these points into money. You can take this money to your Paytm after the money is credited to your account within a certain limit. And with this money you buy diamonds. You will also find some websites that work today. Here is the list of free fire diamond generator 2021.

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is an application provided by Google. Here you can complete various surveys and tasks and win real cash and reward. You can withdraw this cash in Paytm or your bank account. You can use it to get Diamond and Elite Pass. Google Opinion Rewards is a legal and authority app that is used by millions of people. You don’t have to worry about any payment here. All Google products are trustworthy.

Become pro player

If you are a new player then you will not be able to play this game properly yet. But as time goes by you will become a good player. So you will get a place in the tournament. You can also open your youtube channel. Your subscriber will increase due to your gameplay. So the official free fire team will give you free money and gift.

Do not execute fake video

Youtube will teach you how to hack free fire and increase diamonds. If you do as shown in such videos, your account will be banned. So stay away from such videos. Such videos give you fake tricks and tips so that your time is wasted. You do not sell your account by watching any video, otherwise, your account will be lost and you will not get anything. People make everyone a fraud in the name of selling the account.

Don’t sell or buy a free fire account

Some free fire players want to sell their id while some players want to buy a new id. Notice for both. People who want to sell their id should take care of some things like selling id in authority site or whatsapp group. If you sell the id, the person in front will take your id and password and will not even give you the payment. To sell the id in a well-known website or group.

People buy new id for clothes, gun skin, and high rank. People who want to buy a new id should take care of this matter. Only get a new id from legal and authority sites or groups. People take payment from you but also give account. No.

Diamond special airdrop

Sometimes you get a special airdrop offer inside the free fire game. In which you get more diamonds at a very low price. If your account is new then you will get an airdrop offer. The price is 10 rupees. Also, you get character and emote for free. People who have used airdrop once get the option of airdrop again after some time. This offer is not permanent.

Don’t Buy Diamonds from an unauthorized site

On Google, you will find many websites that claim to give you diamonds. But most of them are fraudulent websites. It will cut your money but you will not get anything. So get all the information about the site before reading diamonds and read its reviews. If the website is legal and you are sure that there is no problem, then buy diamonds from the website.

If you want to buy a diamond, top up in a free fire game. It is very simple and genuine. It is a little risky to buy a diamond from another website.

Today we learned how to convert Gold coins Into diamonds In Garena free fire 2021. If you have any questions about this topic please comment below.

FAQ – Converting Gold into diamonds in Free fire

Can we turn gold into diamonds in a Free Fire?

No, diamond and gold coins are two different things. You can easily get a gold coin when you have to buy diamond. Free fire game earns through a diamond. So you can’t turn gold into diamond through any app or website.

How do I use gold coins as diamond?

Gold coin and diamond are different things. Diamond is not easy for you to get. While you can get gold coin by playing a game or completing daily tasks. So you can’t convert gold coins to diamond. Youtube video and website on this matter. Give false information. Don’t waste your time in it.

Which is the best app to get diamonds in Free Fire?

You will find many Diamond earning app on Playstore. But only some of them are true. In this app you can complete tasks and win real cash. You can withdraw and buy Diamond.

#1.Google Opinion Rewards
#2.Winzo gold
#3.Easy Rewards
#4.Poll Pay

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