Top ML couple name for lovers

Mobile Legends is the best multiplayer arena game created by the moonton company. How many people in the world play this game all the time. In it, you can play as a team with your friends.

Some mobile legends players are lovers or couples. They need a unique name to play with. For that, we have given a complete list here. You can use any nickname from this list for your character.

Below are the different names. You can choose whatever you like.

Inside this game, you have to defeat your opposing team. While playing this game you can see the names of the opposing team players. In the same way, he can also see your nickname. Having a good name is a sign of a pro player. Is.

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Mobile Legends couple name and Idea list

You can choose any name from the name given below. You can copy it and use it as your username. These are all free names.

  • Sharie Sauage  
  • Tierra Trapani  
  • Cheryl Guarnieri  
  • Elouise Tober  
  • Ebonie Stricklin  
  • Dalila Potter  
  • Ed Mayes  
  • Elaina Eliason  
  • Trang Shaffer  
  • Caroyln Satterlee  
  • Zena Howes  
  • Audrey Sager  
  • Marica Salisbury  
  • Jane Sampson  
  • Song Moten  
  • Jamar Deck  
  • Jennell Kinsey  
  • Jeanetta Ouk  
  • Johnson Charley  
  • Paige Bradeen  
  • Corinne Primavera  
  • Elmo Estrada  
  • Sandee Starr  
  • Marine Sagar  
  • Yoshie Beaudin  
  • Merlene Whobrey  
  • Collen Villalvazo  
  • Liz Luckie  
  • Kindra Reddin  
  • Mariann Zackery  
  • Emerald Hilliker  
  • Zane Prato  
  • Kaila Terhaar  
  • Linwood Dame  
  • Vertie Scurry  
  • Alison Wilks  
  • Eldora Keffer  
  • Davis Hoard  
  • Barrie Whelan  
  • Misti Host  
  • Marla Hooper  
  • Judie Monfort  
  • Nohemi Addario  
  • Lacie Helget  
  • Bobbi Bate  
  • Effie Sabbagh  
  • Josefine Sola  
  • Gillian Scoggin  
  • Shenika Heimann  
  • Lucius Crespin  
  • Alpha Dunphy  
  • Marni Trejo  
  • Delmy Labbe  
  • Eden Hazan  
  • Tanika Hammers  
  • Rashida Killingsworth  
  • Ligia Fitzmaurice  
  • Carri Ransome  
  • Mirella Burleigh  
  • Babara Pompei  
  • Raymundo Partin  
  • Kurt Quayle  
  • Onita Rolon  
  • Andra Meiers  
  • Georgann Capron  
  • Lisha Rosemond  
  • Jesica Stoudt  
  • Alfred Urbanek  
  • Rufina Shenkel  
  • Herb Fallen  
  • Janetta Jimmerson  
  • Gwenda Carrozza  
  • Estelle Zink  
  • Judson Slocum  
  • Katia Chmielewski  
  • Georgeanna Macke  
  • Cinda Holzworth  
  • Juanita Tillson  
  • Torri Wilbur  
  • Theron Paiva  
  • Izetta Blaisdell  
  • Rhona Brueggeman  
  • Latesha Devaul  
  • Darcie Pedraza  
  • Angelia Dempster  
  • Drew Haviland  
  • Lucila Deck  
  • Eufemia Stucky  
  • Kaitlyn Mattson  
  • Jeanmarie Kennamer  
  • Granville Stapler  
  • Carlos Ocana  
  • Jazmin Numbers  
  • Ulysses Bertone  
  • Ella Mcfatridge  
  • Bari Coyne  
  • Todd Hasler  
  • Leontine Swarey  
  • Marianela Bonura  
  • Randi Jardin  

What are mobile legends?

In these games, you can play with a maximum of 5 heroes. Here are the main 3 levels. In which you get a map. In it, you have to destroy enemy towers. As you cross layers your rank status increases.

Here you will see various mods like the custom mod, classic mod, mayhem mod, etc.

In the classic mod, you play with random players. Any player can come in. You have to smash his tower. In custom mode, you and your friends can play against this.

As the levels of these games increase you will get new heroes. These new heroes have different abilities and power. You can use them to defeat the opposing player.