Daxua Gaming pubg ID Number, Device, Age, And Biography


Daxua Gaming Biography

Pubg game people love to play. So pubg craze is increasing all over the world. So there are many contact creators whose videos get millions of views. As the number of pubg players increases, so does the number of pubg viewers and content creators. There are many youtubers who have started getting millions of views in no time.

In such a time a pubg content creator named Daxua Gaming is in much discussion. Because he annoys people with his fast reflexes and gaming skills. This youtuber is gaining a lot of fame. He is known for his editing and commentary. Today we are going to get information about this youtuber.

Daxua Gaming YouTube Channel

The name of his youtube channel is Daxua Gaming. He started this channel in 2019. In 4 years, his YouTube channel has got 5 lakh subscribers. He uploads 7-9 videos in a month on this channel. The total views of his video are 70 million.

There are many youtubers whose videos are getting views but their live streams are not getting views. But not so in Daxua’s cache. Even during his live stream he gets 1k to 10k watching. He uploads many videos on youtube in which he teaches people how to set pubg layout well.

Daxua Gaming pubg ID Number

The pubg id number of Daxua gaming is 5657302100. He shared this number on his Instagram account. You can follow him on Instagram for more information. Here he shares pubg related content.

Daxua Gaming Facts

  • Daxua has an iphone 8. In which he plays pubg and other games.
  • He has a gaming pc.
  • He is a full time youtuber. So he gives his maximum time in making youtube videos.
  • Apart from pubg he also plays gta 5, free fire and cod.
  • He prefers to play games on PC.
  • He uploads 2 to 3 videos in 1 week.
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