50+ Depressed Bio and Captions For Instagram


Many people get depression. Those people can tell others that they are in Depression through the bio and captions below. Many people have depression and anxiety. Its reasons are also different. Many people are facing this problem due to their job. Many people are facing this problem due to quarrels in their relationship and family.

Whatever the cause, depression causes a person to worry and think too much. In such a time, if he gets someone’s support, he can come out of this situation. Instagram is a platform where people check each other’s profile. If you use Depressed Bio in your profile, other people will also know that you are Depressed.

Many people use such bios and captions on Instagram. If you also want to tell your mental state to another person in your bio and caption, then you can use the following bio, caption, and quotes.

Best Depressed Bio for instagram

  • No need to other people’s.
  • I am alone.
  • Leave me alone.
  • Mentality damage.
  • I don’t want any problem.
  • Staying away from the world.
  • No more connections to the world.
  • Out of network.
  • So lonely.
  • Nothing is possible.
  • All the world are lies.
  • No more friends.
  • Fake friends.
  • Fake people.
  • Fake relationships.
  • Fake world 🌍.
  • No buddy can help me I am all alone.
  • I don’t want any buddy.
  • Stay away from all people.
  • No Relations = No problem

Best Depressed Captions for Instagram

  • Sometimes in life you don’t get the thing you want the most.
  • No matter how bad a situation comes in my life, I am not afraid, because now it has become a habit.
  • In life you don’t get many things you like even if you have worked hard for it.
  • I am always afraid of the Khushis, because when I am happy, I only get sad.
  • All the bad things, situations and events in the world happen within my life.
  • Many things in the world are fake, you are not always treated fairly, and your luck is never on your side.
  • Some things look good from a distance, but the true reality is something different.
  • There is an inexhaustible sorrow hidden within me.
  • People change with time, but what doesn’t change is your heart. Because the heart remains bright, it only breaks and joins.
  • No people will come to steal your property.
  • I have helped people many times, but no one has ever helped me. Because I wanted well for all people.
  • Time and patience forget all bad events.
  • The pain is not from hitting him, the pain is from his words.

Best Depression Quotes for Instagram

  • In depression our mind gives up, but our heart does not give up.
  • I don’t worry anymore, I don’t worry anymore. There should also be something to worry about.
  • I and my heart both live in this body. My mind is dead for many days.
  • If there is no way out despite hard work in life, it is called Depression.
  • Why do we believe that everything is going well in our life?
  • Now I do not suffer the injustice of fate.
  • Often people find gold while walking, but when I go to look for gold, I find stones.
  • Luck is about luck. After a whole day of hard work, the bull gets dry grass and the toiler gets tasty food.
  • I don’t know what I want to see in my life, so I don’t know what I do, what I say, what I think and what I feel.

Why you have to use Depression or anxiety Bio and captions?

Depression and anxiety is a mental illness. Which is caused by worrying too much. When you start thinking about something a lot, one thought comes over and over again, you cannot think about anything else, it is called anxiety.

When your anxiety starts to rise, you are not hungry. Apart from this, you do not like to talk to other people and you tend to stay away from people. You like to stay in an empty room, you don’t sleep, you have negative thoughts etc. are symptoms of depression. Anxiety is a normal level. But people also have to take medicine in depression.

At such times you should start talking to other people. So that you can feel free. You should share your tension and worry with others and think positive.

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