50+ best COC clan description 2023 (copy and past)


Are you looking for a good description for your clan? Here you will find an attractive description of coc. Your friends and opponents will be annoyed to read your punch line. if you create a new clan, then also use this description.

Clash of clan is a multiplayer Strategy game in which you get a town. You have to defend this town and upgrade the town. To upgrade the town hall you have to attack another town.

Here you get a clan for attack and protection of your town. People are looking for coc best description for a clan. Coc player always wants to join good clan so that their mission is completed and they get various rewards.

There are 50 members inside a clan. These members attack each other’s town and collect trophies, stars, and exp. If you are a good player you will get a place in the top clan. In this game, you have the option to chat with your friends. You can help your friend by sending troops.

When a person joins a new clan, he sees two things: the name of the clan and its description. After reading this thing, the player decides which clan to join. If the performance of your clan is good then the members will increase. No one will join you if it is bad. So always play a good game and lose fewer trophies.

Inside the clan, you get time to prepare for war. The player inside the two clans attacks each other’s town. The player of the clan who gets more stars wins the war. This match is very important for the coc player. Millions of people today play Clash of Clans because of this concept.

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coc clan description with emoji

Here you will find a good crop of coc with emoji. Being emoji makes your text look more attractive. So using a description with emoji is a good sign.

  1. You have found fragrance in your breath,I have called you in every dream,Why don’t you remember When God made you for us.
  2. Some people call losing love. So getting something is called love, But the reality is, just call it to love to play.
  3. We are not the ones who will leave you in grief, We are not the ones who will break up with you, We are the ones who hold your breath, Will give up your breath.
  1. Not for a moment, Do pal ka ye Saath Nahi, To say that life is dearer than paradise, But what about that in which your hand is not.
  2. The journey of life should be so pleasant Sitam ho Phir Bhi dil shayrana hona chahiye!
  3. Hai ishak to baato me njar aana chahiye. The path of the eyes must descend into the heart!
  4. Give way to the beating too sir You have occupied the whole heart.
  5. Tum dil me raho itna hi bahut hai We don’t need a meeting so much
  6. Someone came down in the wilderness of the heart,As if on the path of pain… a passer-by has been found
  7. When you see these eyes Whatever the day, it becomes my festival.

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Funny coc clan description copy past

There are some sentences or text that will make you laugh. Here are 10 funny clash of clan sentences that you can use for your clan.

  1. Even if you become a nest, where are you, sir?Lands have become expensive and people do not give space in the heart .. !!
  2. Not everyone has these skills,Words make people home in the heart too !!
  3. Extremely angry nowadays.Have started hating or love has become too much. Zara si mohabbat kya pi li,Life is still faltering… !!
  4. Sometimes for meaning, sometimes just for fun,Everyone is looking for love here for their life.
  5. Got the support of those whose love,With the same denied heart, ours !!
  6. If he wanted, the problem of love was seen! Otherwise we used to hear only compliments,of this love .. !!
  7. We used to say with every wind that goes,towards you Let me tell you – we miss you so much.
  8. Na kar itna pyaar is bewafa zindagi se ai mere dost, One day your deal will come with death.
  9. Ziyada khwahishen nahi ai zindagi tujhse, Just the next moment of life is better than the last.
  10. Don’t ask how much i love you Just know that, I just do it to you and make you helpless.

Funny Coc clan description in Hindi

Below you will find text in Hindi language which you can copy and paste in coc with one click. Millions of people in India play clash of clan game. India has a big fan base of coc. Indian youtuber also clash of clan, clash of royal , lords mobile etc.

  1. The moments of your memory are like those old songs,No matter how many repetitions they find new every time
  2. Don’t apply wet shikve dilse. If you ever get angry, refuse. What do we know about tomorrow? So whenever we meet. Holding my hand with love
  3. You are in my memory, or you are in me You are in my mind, or you are in my mind Dil mera dhadak ke pooche, bar bar ek baat You are in my life, or you are my life
  4. Relationship is not what is shown to the world! Relationship is that which is fulfilled from the heart !! No one is yours by saying yours, yours is what is adopted from the heart !!!
  5. Shaan se hum tere dil mein rahenge,,Teri mohabbat pe jaan nisar karenge,,Dekh ke jalegi hame duniyaan saari,I will love you so much.
  6. Zindagi mein bar-bar sahara nahi malta, No one gets love again and again, Is the one who has to handle it, After losing, he will never be found again.
  7. Let me write. So you are the word Let me think…. So the idea is you Let me ask. So you are the mannat I want it…. So love is you too .You are everything.
  8. The feeling of our every happiness is yours The pain of your every sorrow is ours Even if he dies, we have no grief Just be with you at the last moment.
  9. Meri har khushi har baat teri hai, This life is hidden in your breath, You can’t live two moments without you, Every throbbing sound is yours.
  10. When I fell in love, I saw their love When he was in pain, his eyelids were full One thing appeared in the beating of two,hearts,Dil to unka dhadka par awaaz is dil ki aayi!

Unique best clan discription

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The sentence given here you will not find anywhere else. All these sentences are made by us which is very unique. So you can use this. No one will tell you that he has used a tag line like me.

  1. Khwahish a zindagi bas itni si hai ke, Be with you and life will never end.
  2. Of course you have a right to be angry with me, But don’t forget this “key” somewhere in resentment, we love you very much.
  3. The reality of life changes, When you smile and say you are so cute.
  4. I don’t know why even after seeing you,I want to see you!
  5. Where did we know what love is, Just got a ‘you’ and life became love.
  6. Sanse meri, zindagi meri aur mohabbat bhi meri, But you need to complete everything.
  7. I will not change my mind about you, The year will change but the condition of the heart will not change.
  8. Listen, if you ever get angry, we will bow down, Sometimes we get angry so you hug.
  9. I don’t know why I miss you, But it feels good whenever it comes.
  10. What do people call love, We call your name love!

Savage clan description

There are also different types of players. How many coc players want to show themselves savage. So it looks like a pro player.

  1. Listen to what we want from the heart, no They live in the heartbeat every moment
  2. There are thousands of sleeping pills, Ishq is enough to come.
  3. Let’s adopt some U style in Ishq. You close your eyes, we put you on your chest.
  4. Laughing_your face. Makes this heart even more romantic.
  5. That fool asked which world you are living in, we said the world does not know, they are living just by looking at you
  6. What will happen with a few moments of meeting. Dil to karta hai tujhe paas hi bithaye rakhun.
  7. The market of your memories opens in the morning, And we spend the whole day in the same light !!
  8. There are millions of people watching me but,What I have seen is one in a million.
  9. Every breath in life started to feel sweet When you said we live in your heart ”
  10. Listen, there is only one wish, that I want you more than myself, Whether I stay or not, my loyalty will always be remembered.

Very Good discription

  1. The world on one side and you on the other side because, You are my angel and this world is very bad.
  2. I often smile when I hear your name even in anger, Tere naam se itni mohabbat hai to soch tujhse kitni hogi.
  3. Teri mohabbat par mera hak to nahi par dil chahta hai,Let’s wait for you till the last breath!
  4. No matter how much you get annoyed with me, We don’t even care to leave you today.
  5. That one is one in a million, isn’t it?Just be the same to me.
  6. To say that my heart is one, But the one to whom the heart is given is one in thousands.
  7. Mere zindagi main khushiyan tere bahane se hai, Half is to harass you, half is to persuade you.
  8. Let me hold your hand and take you away from this world, Where there is no one but me to see you.
  9. She was, she is, and she will always be, when the heart is one, The one who lives in the heart will also be the same!
  10. Take care of me, Of course, your breath goes, but in you, life is our settlement.

Description rules

  • The description of one clan indicates what it is for and how important it is. This description does not exceed 250 words. This option is not mandatory. If you enable this option it will be visible to others.
  • Require some clan badge
  • do your both attacks in a clan war, if not, then you will be kicked out. Even if we are behind in stars like 10 vs 100, do your attacks even with one troop! If you are not sure which target, ask from higher rank players in the chat, they will help you.
  • Set who can join anyone, invited, by default
  • Anyone who plays a bad game will be kicked out.
  • Set war time like always, week, daily, never
  • Set minimum townhall level and trophy
  • Your rank should not below and members must donate troops.
  • No player should be offline during the war.
  • Respect all members. Do not abuse any person. If you do not follow all these rules, you will be removed from the group

If you join a clan, you should know some things like who is the leader in the group, how many members, who are the co-leader, how many elders, etc.

If you are a pro player of Clash of Clans then you will know the value of troops and trophies. With the help of different troops, you can defeat any town. For that, you need a good strategy. If your town hall level is low and enemy town hall is high level. If so, you can defeat him. For that, you have to know which soldier to use.

Bodyguards help break down all defenses. So put it first so that it breaks all defenses. Then place barbarians and archers. Use dragon and wizard.

Here we have seen the Best Clash of Clan Description. Anyone who reads it will be amazed. If your disposition is good then the number of members in your clan will increase. If you want your members and your ranking to increase you can make a clan rule.

You should follow the step shown above. So that your members give good performance and your clan rating will increase.

This is about playing the game. If you have any questions,comment below. Our team will reply to you within 15 minutes. If you like this post, please share it with your friends.

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