Hello friends, today in this post we are going to talk about the famous character vijudi of One Media Entertainment channel. Vijudi is the top comedy creator of gujarat. Here today we are going to see the age, family, earning, and real photo of vijudi. If you are watching vijudi comedy video then this post will tell you more information about vijudi. Here you will find all the information about vijudi aka Dhansukh Bhanderi.

Who is vijudi?

Vijudi’s real name is dhansukh bhanderi. She is a comedy youtuber. Its channel name is One Media Entertainment. Vijudi is a resident of gujarat and makes gujarati comedy videos.

Vijudi’s video is watched all over gujarat. Together with his team he makes very creative and comedy videos. People from Gujarat love to watch comedy videos of vijudi.

What is Vijudi real name?

Vijudi’s original name is Dhansukh Bhanderi. People know him more as vijudi. He makes comedy videos on Youtube. In these videos his name is vijudi. So people do not know the real name of vijudi. But his relatives and friends know the real name of vijudi.

Dhansukh Bhanderi makes videos with his family. Her friends and relatives also work in her videos. Most off he shoots videos in his village and at home.

Dhansukh Bhanderi vijudi wikipedia

  • Vijudi real name: Dhansukh Bhanderi
  • Profession: Youtuber
  • Vijudi age: 48
  • Birth date: 12 Jan 1974
  • Father: N / A
  • Mother: N / A
  • Sister: N / A
  • Brother: N / A
  • Wife: N / A
  • Youtube channel: One Media Entertainment

Dhansukh Bhanderi vijudi real photo

Below is the real photo of Vijudi aka Dhansukh Bhanderi. This photo shows his real face. People look at it differently on Youtube. Most people think vijudi is female but vijudi’s character is played by male. People call vijudi as female. But few people know that the person playing the character of vijudi is a man.

Dhansukh Bhanderi vijudi family

Dhansukh Bhanderi lives in a village with his family. Her family members include father, mother, one brother and sister. He did not reveal the names of his family members on his video and social media. So the names of his family members are unknown. Her friends are often seen in Vijudi’s videos.

Not much information about Vijudi’s family is available on the internet. Vijudi shares photos of her family members on her Facebook. When vijudi goes out with his family, he shares his photos.

Vijudi comedy Videos One Media Channel

Vijudi’s channel name is one media entertainment. There are 2.28 million subscribers on this youtube channel. All these are from subscribe gujarat. Because vijudi makes videos in gujarati language so most of its audience is gujarat. Below is a list of his famous videos.

Vijudiye padya bhesh na bhagla | Gujarati Comedy | one media

Bayali Bhayala no Dhako | Gujarati Comedy | one media

Vijuli Gandi | Gujarati Comedy | one media

Navi Maa na Nakhara | Gujarati Comedy | one media

Vijudi Keri vali | Gujarati Comedy | one media

Vijudiye Kari Chalakhi | Gujarati Comedy | one media