Content creation and game streaming have become a very large population these days. Due to the increasing use of the internet, people today prefer to play online games and watch videos.  And he likes to watch videos. With the help of it, he also learns to play the game.

If you are playing a free fire game, you will be known as dhanu dino, a Telugu free fire YouTuber. They upload free fire related videos to their youtube channel. This video is in the Telugu language so that other people can understand their language.  Not even crazy about their gameplay.

He is a very good free fire player. Today we will see all the information about dhanu dino. If you have heard his name for the first time, here you will find all the information about him.

Dhanu Dino Free Fire ID Number

  • His Free Fire ID number is 451012538, and his IGN is Dhanudino.

Above you are given 9 digit id number. With the help of this, you can find Dhanu Dino’s id on free fire and send a friend request. If he accepts your friend request then you can form a team with him and play free fire.  He also puts videos of gameplay with a random person on his youtube channel. You can come to this video.

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Dhanu Dino age, address, phone number, uid, and birth date

Real nameDhanu Dino
Youtube channelDhanu Dino yt
Birthdate 22/09/2001
Age 21
Address302 Bheempoor, Andhra Pradesh
Phone number63546544xx

Above we have given you the personal information of Dhanu Dino. The information is as per social media and news. If you want to meet him, you have to go to Andhra Pradesh. He lives in Bheempoor village of Andhra Pradesh state. This is a small village in which Dhanu Dino has his primary  Education was completed.

Dhanu Dino Youtube Channel and Earnings

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People earn millions of money today through Youtube. This is a very good platform with the help of which anyone can earn money. Here we will know the earnings of Dhanu Dino’s youtube channel. They upload 3 videos in a week in which 2 to 5 million  According to Dhanu Dino earns 3 lakh to 5 lakh per month.

He uploads gameplay videos on the youtube channel in which his voice comes. He has not revealed his face yet. He comes live on Facebook. During this time his fans can talk to him. Many of his followers are on Facebook and Instagram.  Through which it generates some side income.

Dhanu Dino Ranked match Stats

has played 7462 squad games and won the 1986 match. He has 18930 kills in these matches, with a K / D ratio of 3.47. squad match he plays very well. He likes to play most squad matches.

In duo mode, he has played 3629 matches and has won 590 of them. He racked up 10373 frags at a K / D ratio of 2.78 in this mode.

Dhanu Dino has also played 2963 solo games and has won on 257. He has 6392 kills in these matches and his K / D is 2.50. He plays less solo. Because he does not like to play alone.

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