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How To Contact Dino James

He was born on 27 September 1991 in Ghoradongri village, Sarni, Betul district, Madhya Pradesh. He spent his childhood in Ghoradongri village. He started participating in plays during his school days.

  • Full Name: Dino James
  • age : 31
  • Phone number : +91 9977553xxx
  • WhatsApp number : +91 9909362xxx
  • Address : Ghoradongri village, Sarni, Betul district, Madhya Pradesh
  • Education: Graduate

He completed school in his neighboring village and completed college from Nagpur. He was already not in a hurry to study. So after completing college he came to Mumbai to become an actor.

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Dino James Contact Details

Dino James’ father was an electrician. His name is Jimmy James. Dino james mother name is Rani James and sister name is Divya James. His family belongs to Kerala.

  • Real Name: Dino James
  • Nickname: Dino
  • Date of Birth: September 27, 1991
  • Age: 31
  • Hometown: Ghoradongri
  • Address: Ghoradongri village, Sarni, Betul district, Madhya Pradesh

He has worked hard to advance in his career. He comes from a middle class family. So he had to face many problems for his career. At the age of 18, he decided to leave his home and go to Mumbai.

Dino James phone number and Whatsapp number

He went to Mumbai and joined acting classes. Due to which his acting skills started improving. Due to this, he started getting side roles in many movies and TV shows. He did not get any main role yet. So he started singing along with acting.

  • Phone number : +91 9977553xxx
  • WhatsApp number : +91 9909362xxx

He has also worked in a show of CID. He spent 8 years in Mumbai. In these 8 years he did not get any suitable job or role. So he decided to go home.

Dino James Net worth

He left acting and focused on singing. So he is a successful singer today. His monthly income is 10 lakhs and net worth is $2.14 million.

  • Monthly income: 10 lakh+
  • Net Worth: $2.14 million
  • Income source: song, singing, music videos

Dino James home address and email id

In 2010, he decided to go home. So he gave up his dream of becoming an actor. He started helping his father in his work. He worked with his father for 2 years. Then he thought of moving to Mumbai again in 2012.

  • Address: Ghoradongri village, Sarni, Betul district, Madhya Pradesh
  • Personal email id: dinojjames1@gmail.com

Going to Mumbai, he started looking for a job for himself. Meanwhile, his friends asked him to try singing instead of acting. He has faced many such problems in his life. So Dino James has become the famous rapper of India today.