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Free fire game is a world-famous battle royal game in which you can play this game alone or together with friends. Here you are released on an island. This game can be played by 50 players simultaneously.

Free fire game The developer keeps updating the game from time to time so that the player does not get bored.

this is a new update OB23 server. So we will learn about the Max Advance server of free fire here. So let’s get a to z information about it.

What is ff advanced server?


Free fire game coriander keeps bringing good and new updates. Like one man punce till now and now Titan update has come.

In which you will find new character, modest, dress, etc. So the advanced server is used to know whether all these things work properly or not. In which you get to play before the new game update.

Any new item or mod is checked in the advanced server before adding to the original game. If there is a glitch or bug in that item or mode, it is detected by gameplay in the advanced server.

So that glitch or bug fix is ​​done before adding this item to the original game so that the overall player’s gaming experience is not spoiled.

All the big games are awful. Those people also try this new thing in its second proxy version before giving any new update.

Any new update in the pubg game is checked in pubg beta. If all goes well then the item is launched in a silent version.

This server is available for all-day countries like Bangladesh, Brazil, Indonesia, India, etc. You will not find this app on Playstore. For that, you have to go to the official website.

Now I am sure that you have got the information about what an advanced server is. If yes, then we need you to register on the ob24 ff server so that you too can play any new update first.

How To download OB23 Server In  Garena Free Fire in 2021


If you want to play in the ff advanced server, first you have to install the ob24 advance server. Then you can participate in this.

If you want to install this server apk, first you have to go to the official website of free fire and get it registered. Then you will get permission to download the advanced server.


The registration process for ff advanced server

  1.  Go to the free fire official website
  2.  Click on login with Facebook button
  3.  Enter your FB id and password
  4.  Now enter your activation code

How to get ff advance server activation code

This activation code is given to you by the game developer who manually checks your request and then gives you the code.

If you follow the above steps, you will be logged in to the advance server. Then you will get the option to install the app from where you can install this app.

You will not always find the logging option on the website of free fire. That option has been on for some time. It is called server opening time.


Timeline for opening free fire advance server


If you want to play free fire update first, register in advance server. For that, you need to know the server opening time which is as follows.

The registration process started on November 21, 2020, which is currently suspended. Now the next server opening timeline is as follows.

  •  3 Feb 2021
  •  14 April 2021
  •  30 September 2021
  •  12 December 2021

This is based on the information received from social media. The free fire developer has not released the exit date yet. Those people do not give the exit date.

So far in the free fire, ob20, ob21, ob22, and ob23 have been updated.


Gave feedback after joining the server

If you have successfully joined the server then it will be your responsibility to provide regular feedback. This is one of the rules. If you do not provide any feedback then your account may be closed.


Feature of max server in ff

  • You will get to play the new update first.
  •  You can report any bugs or glitches.
  •  Player are Limited

If you get permission to play on max server then you are lucky. Because the limited player is given an activation code to play this. You are one of them.


Free fire servers ob22, ob24, or ob26 are not opening

This problem is most commonly seen in people who have been forced to register. This is a private server with some lock entry.

To get an entry in this, you have to be careful when the new server opens. Then you have to register. Once you login you will not see this problem.

If your friend has an advanced server account you can play with it or delete your account instead.


What are the numbers of serves in the free fire?


You see a total of 9 servers here which are divided according to different countries.

  1.  Indonesia
  2.  Brazil
  3.  Singapore
  4.  Thailand
  5.  India
  6.  Mexico
  7.  Nepal
  8.  Hiroshima
  9.  Vietnam

Above you are shown 9 servers in which you can play. If you are from India then the India server will be best for you and if you are from Nepal then the Nepal server will be best.

Because here you will get a high ping. So your game will run very smoothly. You will not see lag and you can win the game easily.

If you want to get a different event and reward then the Brazil server will be best for you because it has an event coming soon.

If you want to change your server, you can use VPN apps. There is no separate option in the game at the moment. Maybe it will be added in the new update.


Final thought

Here we see a to z information about the free fire server that somehow you can register and somehow you can get the activation code. Also, we saw another open server in which people can play easily.


 If you have any questions related to this article, you can ask in the comment box below. I will reply to you soon.

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