This is a religious website. Here you will hear satsang. To listen to daily satsang you have to go to the e Satsang dayalbagh page and log in. Then you will get daily free video and audio. Here you will find the discourses of Param Guru Huzur Maharaj. He is a spiritual guru. He teaches people to live life and be happy in life. If you have any problem in life then you can take advantage of this and satsang.

e-satsang itas in audio transmission

In E satsang you get video and audio files. This is the audio file itas. Which you can translate into any language. Translating satsang from one language to another in this way is called itas audio transmission. Most of the video and audio are in the Hindi language which you can convert into your language.

E Satsang service sign In

To listen to daily satsang video and audio you need to create an account on the e-satsang page. Follow the steps below to sign in to e-satsang.

  • Open e-satsang website page.
  • Click on create new account option.
  • Here you have to enter your basic details.
  • Now verify your mobile number and email id.
  • Once the mobile number and email id are verified, a new page will open. Here you have to complain about your profile.
  • Now click on sign in.

E Satsang Dayalbagh Login

Once the account is created, you can easily log in with your email id and password. When creating an account, you have to select the email id and password. Which you will see when you log in.

  • Open e-satsang home page.
  • Click on the log in my account option.
  • Enter email id and password.
  • Now click on the login button.

After doing so you will be logged in to e-satsang Dayalbagh. Here you will find video and audio of satsang which you can download. You will also find e-satsang schedule here which is as follows.

e-satsang schedule

OccasionDetails     CascadeConnect Time
DailyMorning Satsang (3:45 am)Weekly3:15 am
DailyEvening Satsang (3:45 pm)Weekly3:15 pm
Bhandara of Param Guru Huzur MaharajAartiComplete3:30 am

E Satsang Dayalbagh live

E Satsang Dayalbagh you can watch live on your youtube channel and tv channel. This is a religious program that you can watch with your family. Dayalbagh live is from 9:00 to 10:00 in the evening. Here you will be taught to live life. You will learn how to make progress in life. Happiness and peace will come to your home.

E Satsang Dayalbagh app

On the Play store, you will find the E Satsang Dayalbagh app. You can use this application on your phone. This is a very useful application. You will find the e satsang video here. Here you will find everything that is on the website of e satsang. More than 50k of the E Satsang Dayalbagh app has been downloaded.

Radha Soami Satsang Dayalbagh

Radha Soami is a spiritual speaker. He teaches people how to bring peace and happiness in life. In his discourse, he tells people to love God. Radha Soami shares her video with others through e-Satsang Dayalbagh.

Dayalbagh Satsang News

  • An application of e satsang has been launched recently. Which you can use on your mobile.
  • On the e-satsang page, you can easily do itas audio transmission.
  • Above you are given the schedule of e-satsang which is for October. Because the current month’s schedule has not come.
  • You can now create a free account on the e-satsang page.