Are you looking for your iPhone’s age? So you have come to the right place.We will tell you 3 such simple methods, with the help of which you can find out the manufacturing date of your phone.



Sometimes you have to take a second-hand phone or sell it. Then you should know how old your android or iPhone is. Because of this, you can correct his right.

So let me tell you the first method. With the help of which you can find out when you did buy your iPhone. This is simple, but many people would be wary about it.

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How old is my iPhone



Easy way to check out how old is my iPhone


Find iPhone age by serial number

If you put your question on the Internet, then you will get simple two methods to find out the manufacturing date of your phone. Which wastes a lot of time.
You can find it simply by looking at your serial number.

This number comes in only 12 digits.

K – First Half 
L – Second Half
M – 2014 First Half
N – 2014 Second Half
P- 2015 First Half
Q-2015 Second Half
R- 2016 First Half
S-2016 Second Half
T-2017 First Half
V-2017 Second Half
W-2018 First Half
X-2018 Second Half
Y-2019 First Half

In this, you only have to look at the fourth number. you can also see time and place here.

The second method is explained to you below.  Below are two more methods.


How to determine your iPhone age by serial number

Determine how old is your iPhone


You must know the serial number of the phone to know the perfect activation date of your iPhone.

So let’s first learn how to find serial numbers of your iphone
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How to find the serial number

Open Settings → general → about phone → serial number

You can find out the serial number as expected by following the steps mentioned above.

You copy this number and follow the step below.


Now use Apple Warranty Query

Here you can check your phone warranty status via the apple support page.

Here you can know that your phone expiring date by doing very little  work through apple check coverage. With which you will get its manufacturing date.

  1. Open check coverage webpage


  2. Open serial number in a blank box


  3. Inter Right Captcha and Click on Continue


Just now you can see the purchasing date of your phone.

If your phone is more than 1 year old, then you will have to collect all the information by visiting the website below. So let’s know.


Now you can use the Chipmunk Klantenservice website

Chipmunk is a tool website. You will know the production year and production week.

  1. Open the chipmunk website and enter your serial number in the white box


  2. Now click on a show the information


Scroll down and you will know all the information about your mobile. Here you will know when your iPhone was activated.

Here you can find out the production year and week of iPhone 7, iPhone x but any apple phone.


Here we see 3 simple methods. the first method is very easy.  The other two methods work. But you have to gave some time in it.

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