Emiway Bantai is a very famous hip hop artist and rapper of India. He has contributed a lot in the music industry. His songs are heard in many other countries besides India. In this post we will get answers to many questions related to Emiway Bantai. Like What is Emiway Bantai Phone number? What is Emiway Bantai Contact Number? What is Emiway Bantai office address? Who is Emiway Bantai Girlfriend?

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How To Contact Emiway Bantai

Emiway Bantai is a music artist. He has written many popular songs. He has the highest fan following in India. His song is fast and hard. He gives life related knowledge to people through his song. He has also made a special song for his haters and enemies. People also like this song very much.

He uploads all his song videos on youtube. He has more than 18 million subscribers on Youtube. His videos have 500 million and 300 million views.

Emiway Bantai is also in a lot of discussion because of his song, dance, and attitude. He has also worked in the film Gully Boy. He has played his real life character in this film.

  • Name : Bilal Shaikh
  • age : 27
  • Phone number : +91 7016674xxx
  • WhatsApp number : + 91 9099356xxx
  • Address : from mumbai
  • Education : 11th Standard pass

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Emiway Bantai Biography and Phone Number

He was born on 13 November 1995 in a middle class Muslim family. His parents had a love marriage. His mother was Hindu and father Muslim.

He completed his primary education from LHS school, Mumbai. It is 11th pass. He kept his main focus on becoming a singer. So he didn’t do college.

Emiway Bantai is a very well-known name right now. But he started his career from a very bad situation. He didn’t even have the money to afford the equipment to make a music video

  • Real Name: Bilal Shaikh
  • Nickname: Shahrukh Shaikh, Emiway
  • Date of Birth: 13 November 1995
  • Age: 27
  • Hometown: Bengaluru, Karnataka
  • Address: To mumbai

Emiway Bantai phone number and Whatsapp number

When you call Emiway Bantai, you talk to him calmly and calmly. Because he gets phone calls from many fans. So he gets tired of talking to his fans. His schedule is very busy. However, he takes time out to talk to his fans.

  • Phone number : +91 7016674xxx
  • WhatsApp number : + 91 9099356xxx

Emiway Bantai organizes his own concerts. In which he performs live on stage. You have to get a ticket to go to his show. Many people go to meet Emiway with tickets to his shows. People go to his concerts to hear and see him live. If you also want to meet Emiway, you can buy tickets for his next concert.

Emiway Bantai Net worth

He gave his first performance in India’s Got Talent show. People show their talent in this show. If the person’s talent is good then they are sent to the next round. Emiway Bantai was not selected in this show.

However, he did not lose his courage. He is a successful rapper today. His monthly income is 30 lakh+. His net worth is 50 crore Indian rupees.

His main source of income is youtube videos and music concerts. He earns more money through his concerts.

Emiway Bantai home address and email id

If you want to meet Emiway Bantai, you can go to his concert. You can fill the online form for booking his concert. After filling the online form you will get a mail. In which you will get all the information about Emiway’s next concert.

  • Address: 410101 Maharashtra
  • Personal email id: merch@bantai.in

Emiway Bantai is also known for his warm nature. There was a huge controversy between him and Raftar (singer, rapper). In which both the rappers made a reply song for each other. People got many legendary songs because of this controversy.

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