Hello friends, today in this post we will learn about Fb auto like. And learn how you can use Facebook auto liker without login. Do you exist to increase likes on your photos and videos? If yes, read this post in its entirety. After reading this post you will be able to increase Fb likes yourself.

You may have seen many Facebook pages or profiles with few followers and likes. You may find that no one sees this person’s photos. However, why are there so many likes on these photos? The reason is the Fb auto liker website or app.

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If you want to increase the likes on Fb, you can use some websites and applications in which you have to enter your account name. Then you have to enter how many likes you want. Now, this website will send visitors to your account by bots. Which will like your photo. The more you like, the more bot visitor will visit your account. This way the like will increase on your Fb account.

Facebook Auto Liker No Need Login, Token, and Password

Facebook auto liker apps and website

You will find many websites and apps on the Internet. With the help of which you can increase likes. Here is a list of websites and apps to increase likes on Fb. All these websites are legal and working. If you use the website given here, your account will be safe.

People use new websites to increase likes on Fb. Due to which their accounts get hacked. Here we have given you a list of absolutely safe and secure websites and applications.

Facebook auto liker website

  • MachineLiker.com
  • Wefbee.com
  • Hublaa.me
  • Mg-likers.com

Facebook auto liker apps

  • Social-liker App
  • 4 Liker App
  • Kp Liker App
  • King Liker App
  • Liker App

All these apps will give auto likes on your Facebook Status or Photos. All these apps will run on Android and iOS.

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Facebook auto liker without login

You will find many online websites to increase likes on Facebook. To use this website you have to create an account with an email id. Then you can log in and use this website. Below are some websites. This FB auto liker You do not need to login. You can use this website to create likes without creating an account.

  • MachineLiker.com
  • Wefbee.com
  • Hublaa.me

Above we have given you three Fb liker websites. Here you can increase likes on Facebook without logging in. Here you do not need to create an account. You can access this website directly.

auto like Facebook no password

If you find the trick to increase likes on Facebook on youtube, you will find some videos in which some websites suggest increasing likes on Fb. All these websites are paid. You will need a password to use this website. You have to pay some charge to know the password. Below are many websites which do not require a password.

You will not need any password on this Fb auto liker website.

  • FBAutoReactions.com
  • LikesGroup.com
  • FreeLiker.net
  • Autolike.biz
  • Like4Like.org

In all these auto likers you will not need a password. All you have to do is enter your account id. Then you have to select how many likes you want. In all these processes you will not need a password anywhere.

500 likes auto liker Fb without token

Many auto-likers require some token. You have to buy this token for money or by looking at the ads. This process is long and boring. You can get likes. You can get 100 to 500 likes. This auto liker is free. So you will see a little limit.

  • Likeeer.com
  • Download App on APKPure
  • RoyalLiker.net
  • Cyberlikes.com
  • ABLiker.com
  • KPLiker.net

No token will be required in all the auto likers given here. On some websites, you have to verify the email id.

Feature of Facebook auto liker

  • No ads.
  • No need to login.
  • No need password.
  • No token is required.
  • Unlimited like.
  • Get likes on photos of any Facebook page and user.
  • authorize and legal way to get like.
  • Easy and simple interface.
  • 100% secure.

Here you will not need any password, token, or login. 100% secure and authorized way to get like. Your account will not be hacked.

how to get 1k Facebook auto likes?

Above you have seen many websites and apps. With the help of which you can get likes on Fb. Now you will learn how to get 1k likes with the help of this auto liker. Below is a step-by-step guide that somehow you can get 1k likes on Facebook.

  1. Open any FB auto liker
  2. Now enter your Fb id in the first box.
  3. Click on Verify button.
  4. Now the new window opens. Now an empty box will appear.
  5. Enter the number of like you want to get.
  6. For Exmple I enter 1000
  7. Click on the get like button
  8. It takes some time to complain process.

This process will take a while to complete. After the process is complete, your Fb photos will start getting automatic likes. If you want more likes, do this process again. You can use this auto liker once or twice a day. More likes on photos will make people suspect that this person is doing something wrong.

Is Facebook auto liker work?

Yes, Facebook auto liker works. In Facebook auto liker you will find many websites in which some websites work and some websites do not work. On a legal website, you can get likes by creating your account.

There are also some fraudulent websites to get likes on Facebook, in which your time is wasted. There is a possibility of your account being hacked in a fake auto liker. You should stay away from such websites and apps. With help, you can get likes on Fb.


Today inside this post you will see many FB auto liker app as well as websites. Here is how you can get like with the help of this auto liker. Here you will see legal and working auto liker which does not require login, password, and token. Some websites hack your account instead of increasing likes. So stay away from such fraudulent websites.

If you like our Facebook auto liker post, please share it with your friends so that they can also like it on their photos. If you have any questions related to this post, you can ask in the comment below. Our team will reply to you soon.

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