Thoptv not open: Do you also face this problem? Hello friends, welcome to our website. If you are a cricket lover, you will be using Thoptv. Today we will solve some questions related to Thoptv. Like Thoptv not start, source down problem, retry to connect, server down, thoptv not connect to server, etc.

All these problems are common in thoptv. This application has been downloaded a lot. The number of users of this app is very high. So you see a lot of problems here. If you use an older version of this app, you will have this problem. See more. All these bugs have been fixed in the new version.

It is a little difficult to say what is causing the problem that you have. Because there are many other factors behind any problem. So here we have given the common problem related to thoptv and their common solution. Which you can share with your friends. So that they too can be helped.

What is Thoptv?

Thoptv is an online platform video streaming platform where you can watch sports matches, movies, and TV shows for free. Here you can watch sports matches like live cricket and football as well as watch the latest Hollywood and Bollywood movies.

This app is mostly used for watching IPL matches. If you want to watch an IPL match you can watch it through Hotstar. But Hotstar is a paid platform. You have to pay to use it. In thoptv you can watch ipl match without any charge. Can see.

On the internet, you will find many applications for watching sport match, premium channels, movies, and web series. Thoptv is the best app. You can watch all these things through this one app.

Why ThopTV is not working?

Since there are many users of Thoptv, sometimes Thoptv stops working. The reason for this is heavy data loading. Millions of people are on the server at the same time. So the server has to load to process.

  1. When this happens wait a while and open the thoptv again.
  2. Clear app data and cache by going to App Management> thoptv> data use in your phone settings.
  3. Open the app after restarting the phone.
  4. This problem can occur even if there is not enough space on your phone. So delete the useless thing from your phone.
  5. Right-clicking the Thoptv icon and clicking “Run as administrator”.
  6. Update your old version and use the latest version.
  7. Uninstall and reinstall the app and then restart your phone.

The above has given you a common solution with the help of which you can get rid of this problem. If you do not identify the cause of the problem, you can try one solution after another.

Why ThopTV is not working on WiFi?

In this app, you can watch videos of high quality. For that, you need a fast internet connection. If you watch videos through phone data then your daily internet will be complete. You will need a good wifi connection to watch a video in high quality.

Other apps and software work on your device when you connect your device to wifi. But thoptv shows internet error problem. This problem is due to a system defect. If you restart your phone this problem is fixed. If you still have this problem, follow the steps below.

  • Open phone seating
  • Click on the Application Management option
  • Find Thoptv app
  • Click on the app permission option
  • Give permission to work with wifi

You have to enable wifi use by going to permission so that Thoptv will work with wifi data.

Why is Thoptv not working on pc?

If you have a computer, you can use Thoptv through bluestacks software. This application runs very smoothly on PC. Sometimes Thoptv is not working well on your PC. Would.

  • Restart your pc twice.
  • Update your pc software.
  • Use the latest version of bluestacks.
  • Uninstall and install Thoptv app on pc.

You have to restart your computer twice. Then you have to check the software of your pc that you do not use old software. If you use old software then you have to solve this problem.

Fix Thoptv source down problem

Source down means that the source you use to watch the video or program is down. The source does not work properly. This problem occurs if more users use the same source.

  • If you also have a problem with source down, you can wait for a while. There is no problem with your app or phone. When the user is less, this problem will be solved automatically.

Fix Thoptv retry to connect problem

To solve this problem, you have to go to settings and give permission to thoptv to use the internet, which is as follows.

  1. Open phone setting.
  2. Open app management option.
  3. Find Thoptv app.
  4. Click on data use permission.
  5. Enable internet use option, Enable wifi use option.

If you go to your settings as mentioned above and give permission to the app to access the internet, then Thoptv retry to connect problem will be solved. If you use the old version, you will see this problem more.

Fix Thoptv pc internet error problem

As you can see above, what to do if Thoptv does not work on PC. Now when this app starts working on PC, you will see a message that there is an internet error in Thoptv.

If there is a problem of internet error in pc then you should check your wifi connection. If your pc is not connected with wifi then this error will come.

If you open Thoptv paired with computer wifi or hotspot then your internet error problem will be solved. This is not a serious issue. This issue comes only because the internet connection is not correct.

solution of Thoptv server down problem

Thoptv app is a very popular app for watching ipl and movies. So millions of people use it. Due to having so many users, sometimes the server crashes in Thoptv.

You cannot play any video in Thoptv due to the server being down. You will not get any response from the server.

If you have this problem then you have to wait for a while. After a while, you have to keep opening Thoptv. This problem is not due to any fault of yours.

This problem is more common at night because people are free at night. So at night Thoptv users are more active. If you use Thoptv in the morning and afternoon then normally there will be no problem.

Way to fix Thoptv unable to connect to the server

This problem occurs if more users come to the server at the same time. If you want to solve this problem, follow the steps given below.

Step to solve the unable to connect to the server as follow.

  • Open phone setting option.
  • Open app management.
  • Find ThopTV app.
  • Go to the more setting option.
  • Click on clear app data and cache.
  • Now open the ThopTv again.

Clearing the cache and data of any application makes the application work better. If you clear the data of Thoptv then Thoptv will work faster and all the connection-related problems will be solved.

The common solution of All Thoptv problems

Thoptv is a third-party app that is not available on the play store. All these problems are caused because Thoptv has no official platform. There were many bugs and issues when the Thoptv app was launched. If you are using the old version of Thoptv then you have to use its latest version v45.6.1 to fix all these problems. If you use this latest version then most of the problem is automatic. will be solved.

Does thop TV stop working?

No, Thoptv has not stopped working. Due to some technical defects, Thoptv cannot work properly. In this article, we have seen many solutions with the help of which you can use Thoptv comfortably.

Is ThopTV illegal to use?

No, this app is illegal. So you can’t see this app play store. Movie piracy happens in Thoptv and it shows ipl match in free.

Is ThopTV safe to use?

Yes, using Thoptv is very safe. If you download this app from a third party website, there is a possibility of a virus on your phone. If you want to download this app, you can do so from Thoptv’s official website.

What happened to ThopTV?

Nothing happened to ThopTV. Due to excessive user and data load, the Thoptv server goes down and server connection problem occurs.
Using the old version you will see another technical problem.

who is the owner of thoptv?

As LinkedIn Satish Venkateshwara is the owner and CEO of Thoptv.