Fm Radio Biography

Real name of Fm Radio is Majid Rashid. His age is 28 years. He started his YouTube career in 2019. He has 1 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. He had a passion to become a YouTuber since childhood. But at that time he gave his full attention to studies. When pubg was launched he thought of making a pubg related video.

He thought that pubg is an online game. The number of players of this game is very high. If I make a pubg related video, my video will get more views. So he started making gameplay videos of pubg. In the beginning, the views on his video were less. Then as he increased the number of videos, the views on his videos also started increasing.

Fm Radio YouTube Channel

He started uploading pubg commentary videos on his youtube channel. Initially its video quality was low. Then he changed his device and video quality. People loved listening to his commentary. So even in the live stream, he was getting more views.

We can say that fm radio is a successful youtuber. He is from Pakistan but lives in Spain. Its majority audience is from Pakistan. His videos average 50k to 200k views. There are 3 million views on one of his videos. He has collected 1 million subscribers with his hard work.

Fm Radio pubg ID Number

Fm Radio’s pubg name is FM๛Radio๛YT and its pubg id is 5219957675. If you want to play match with fm radio then you can send request on this id number. If he accepts your request, you can play a match with him.

Fm Radio Facts

  • He also makes videos on tik tok. He has 1 million followers on tik tok.
  • He also has many followers on Instagram.
  • The name radio in the name Fm radio was suggested by his friend.
  • He likes to read books and watch movies.
  • Fm radio makes funny commentary in its videos to engage people.
  • He has a gaming pc and console.