How to get free fire top up 10 rupees: Garena Free Fire game is very popular game. In which players like to see each other’s clothes, bundles, skins and collections. People are considered pro because of their gaming skills and collection. If you have gaming skills and don’t have a good collection then people will consider you a noob player.

Here we will learn the trick to top up 10 rupees in free fire. You can top up 10 rupees and get diamonds and air drop. So without wasting more time let’s move on to the next topic.

Free Fire 10 Rupees Offer Top Up For Free

You have to follow some steps to make special top in Free Fire game. By following these steps you can easily top up 10 to 25 Rupees. You can also top up from your phone. You don’t need to go to any other person to top up.

Clear free fire data and cache

You can clear game cache and data to get special top up in Free Fire. Because of this, the data in Google Play will be cleared. So you will get old and new offers again. To clear the data of the game, you have to go to the option of the app setting. Here you will see free fire app. Clicking on it will show you another option. From which you have to click on the option of storage. Here you will get clear data and cache option. By clicking on it, data and cache of free fire will be cleared.

Play classic games more

Same people are playing more rank mode. If you also play rank mode, the chance of getting special top up decreases. But if you play classic game then the possibility of special top up will increase. People love to play rank game but to get special top up you have to play classic mode some time. So you will start getting special offers.

Don’t buy diamonds and subscriptions

Free fire has an algorithm. In which it gives offers of subscriptions and diamonds to the players. If you buy big air drops and subscriptions, you stop getting small offers. Then you are given expensive subscriptions and offers. If you want to show an offer of 10 rupees, then you have to stop taking diamonds and subscriptions. If you don’t take any offer or subscriptions for a long time, you will get new and smaller offers.

If you want to get special offer and top up then you have to follow the 3 tips given above. If you follow these tips then with in 1 month you will start getting offers.

free fire 10 rupees offer hack

People use hack to get 10 rupees free fire top up. You won’t find any hack on the internet that will do this for you. If you try any kind of hack in free fire then your account will be banned. For that you should not use free fire 10 rupees offer hack. Many people use free fire MOD APK with Unlimited Diamonds. But it is not legal.

how to get 10rs special topup

You will need a zip file to get 10rs special topup. With the help of this file you can bring special offers in your free fire account.

1.First you have to download 10rs special topup file.

2.Then this zip file has to be extracted. After extracting the file you will get another file.

3.Now you have to open your file manager.

4.You have to copy the second file found after extracting.

5.Now you have to open android folder.

6.In android folder you will find obb folder.

7.Inside this obb folder you will find com.dts.freefireth folder.

8.Now the copied file has to be pasted in com.dts.freefireth folder.