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After the new update of Free Fire, many new options and settings have come into the game. Earlier in free fire, your profile had only your name and id number. Now you can edit your profile and add a flag, text color, and bold text. If you also want to enhance the appearance of your profile, then you can use the free fire color codes given here. You will find all types of html codes here. With the help of this, you can add colored letters, text, and symbols to your id. Below you are given various ff color codes. You can copy it and use it in your profile.

Color codes, letters, and symbols for free fire

To add color code in Free Fire you have to learn first where to place these codes. If you paste this code in the wrong place then you will get an error. Follow the steps given below to add the code.

  • Open your free fire game.
  • Click on your profile section.
  • Now the upper left corner of the screen you see the edit profile option. Click on it.
  • Here you will get the option to add text and bio to your profile.
  • You are here ❞❝۩ ๑ ۞ • @ ღ ● ₪ √№ ╬ ~ ξ € ﺕ ≈ 『』 ♪ ♂ ♀ ❥û â î ◊ εїз ^ + * »-> ø ¤? † ♡ etc symbols can be copied and pasted.
  • After adding symbols, click on save profile again.

working free fire color code

  • [FFFF00] Yellow
  • [00FF00] Green
  • [FF0000] Red
  • [0000FF] blue
  • [00FFFF] Light blue
  • [FF00FF] Pink
  • [FF9000] Orange
  • [6E00FF] Purple
  • [CCFF00] Lime green
  • [0F7209] Dark green
  • [FFD3EF] Light pink
  • [FFFFFF] White
  • [000000] Black
  • [808000] Light brown
  • [482B10] Dark brown

Best free fire color codes

Above you have given ff color text code. With the help of this, you can add color to any text. Here you have given the codes of colors like red, yellow, green, blue, orange, purple, etc. You can paste this code along with your text and use it.

You can use the free fire chat box to check whether the code given here works or not. In the chat box, you get the option to chat worldwide. Here you can test free fire color codes. Follow the steps below to check the code.

  • Open free fire with your original account.
  • In the lower-left corner of your screen, there will be an option for a chat box.
  • Open the chat box.
  • Now here you paste the text and color code.
  • Send this message after pasting the text and color code. Here you can see your written text in color.
  • Here you will see the color of the text which is the color code you have used.

ff bio color code

In the profile section in free fire, you get the option to add a bio with your name and picture. In which you can write about yourself or anything. Most people write their real name, stats, ranking, age, youtube channel name, etc. in their free fire bio.

If you run a youtube channel then you can add your youtube channel name in your bio. Due to this, a person can subscribe to your YouTube channel by looking at your profile.

You can also use colored text in your bio. You can make any text colorful by using the same codes given above. These codes also work in the chat box, profile, name, and bio.

free fire color code copy and past

You can easily copy and paste the following codes into your profile. Remember that after pasting the color code, don’t forget to save the profile.

  1. Aqua – 00FFFF
  2. Purple – 800080
  3. White – FFFFFF
  4. Green – 008000
  5. Fuchsia – FF00FF
  6. Lime – 00ff00
  7. Maroon – 800000
  8. Orange – FFA500
  9. Blue – 0000FF
  10. Yellow – FFFF00
  11. Silver – C0C0C0
  12. Red – FF0000
  13. Maroon – 800000

free fire color name

You will find all types of color codes in Free Fire. After the new update of Free Fire, you can add any color to your profile. This code works for both free fire and free fire max.

In the old version of Free Fire, you got less flexibility. It had limited settings and options. Due to server problems and lagging Garena free fire development team has released the latest version. Here you will find many new options. You can add all color text like red, green, yellow, purple, pink, blue, orange, golden, silver, etc. in your profile. All the color codes are given to you here. You can copy this code in your notepad with just one click and paste it while editing the free fire profile.

ff color code

Different texts in Free Fire need codes for the font color. In which people demand free fire orange color link the most. When you use a color code in your profile, the code should be inside square brackets. If the code is outside the square brackets then the code will not work.

You can also create a colorful signature with the help of Ff color codes. Often you will not see any color in the signature. But when you see your profile from someone else’s phone, you see a colorful signature. So if someone else sees your profile, they will also see a colorful signature.

Above you have given the color code for free fire. Here you are also taught how to use codes correctly. If you follow all the steps given above carefully, colored name, text, and symbols will be added later in your profile. Now when anyone checks your profile, he will see all the text in color.

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