Free Fire 99999 diamonds hack generator without verification


Free fire is the most played battle royal game in the world. The players of this game need diamonds to buy the item. In this post, you will learn how to hack free fire diamonds. By using this hack, you can generate Unlimited diamonds in Garena free fire 2021. Read this post till the end. Here you will learn how to use free fire diamond generators.

Safe methods to hack Free Fire diamonds

If you want to hack 999999+ diamonds then you have to use the diamond generator tool. You will find many techniques on youtube and google with which you can hack free fire diamond. Also, some of these techniques work. If you hack diamond anyway, your id will be banned. You don’t have to worry. Here we have given a trick with which you can get diamonds without being banned. For that, you can make up 99999 free diamonds.

Important Note –

In the free fire game, main gold and diamond are both currencies. In which gold is easily found and diamond is not easily found. With the help of Gold, you can get a normal thing. If you need a diamond to get a premium item like gun skin, car skin, pet, gloo wall skin, rare clothes. For that, you have to use real money to get a diamond. Gold will be easily available to you. After completing any game you get a few gold coins. If you want to get a diamond, you have to top it up. If you have more diamonds you can buy any in-game iteam.

Must read –

There are many techniques to hack free fire diamonds. With this technique, you can get a safe diamond. For this, you can use tricks like Free fire VPN trick, Paid script, Online earning methods, affiliate marketing, Rafer and earn apps, Giveaways, hidden free fire diamond generator without any human verification, etc. Here are some techniques you can use to hack 100% free diamonds. All the methods given here are safe and working. The method given to you below has been tried by our team, so you don’t have to worry.

Free Fire Vpn trick for diamond hack

Free fire game has 30+ servers. A separate server is available for all countries. You can get gifts and rewards by visiting this server. You will need a VPN to join this server. You can download any VPN application from the play store.

  • Open free fire and log out account.
  • Open VPN and connect with the Vietnam server.
  • Now open free fire again and create a new guest account.
  • Here you get new gifts and a diamond reward because of your new account.
  • Collect these rewards and send them to your main free fire account.

This way you can collect unlimited diamonds by joining different servers. Here you always have to use guest account nose. If your account is closed then the main account will be safe. Do not use your original Facebook id in this process.

Free fire advance server to get Unlimited free fire diamonds

Free fire Advance server is a different version of the free fire game. Any new features and updates in the main game are tested here. Free fire advance server for bug testing. If you find a bug where you get rewarded. All you have to do is take a screenshot of the bug and submit it. In this process, you get 2000 diamonds free.

  • Open browser like chrome.
  • Search “”
  • Login Facebook Account.
  • Download the free fire advance server app.
  • Log in to the free fire advance server from the same account you logged in to.

Here you have to complete the given task. You will also be rewarded for completing the task. There are limited players here.

Free fire partner program for Free diamond generation

You can get gifts, rewards, and diamonds by joining the free fire partner program. By joining this program you will get 1000 diamonds. Then all the people who join this program through your link will get diamonds. The more people who join you, the more diamonds you will get.

  • Open the browser and search “”
  • Click on apply button.
  • Here you have to fill in details like name, number, email id, subscriber.
  • Now click on submit button.

This program is exclusively for YouTubers. The big free fire YouTuber free fire partners are involved in the program. They get a lot of diamonds using this program.

Double diamond Top-up website To Get Free diamond

You will find many websites that will make a diamond top-up. Gameskarido.In and a trusted website. Here you can top free fire double diamond. Here you will find special offers and discounts.

  • Open Chrome and search “”
  • Login to your free fire account.
  • Enter your free fire id and password.
  • Click on login.
  • Then select any top-up offer.
  • Click on Confirm payment option.
  • After completing your payment, you will get an extra diamond and bonus.

Free fire redeem codes for free Unlimited diamonds

Free fire game provides code with which you can get diamonds and other things. For the Working Diamond redeem code you have to follow the free fire official youtube channel, Facebook, and Instagram page. You will find a new redeem code here every day.

  • Open the “” website.
  • Log in with your Facebook id and password.
  • Enter the 12 digit code in the box.
  • Click on redeem button.
  • Now your account will have diamonds, gifts, clothes, bundles, skin.

Free fire 99999 diamonds generator codes


In addition, you can get diamonds through the following trick. All these methods are working. People have found diamonds with the help of this trick. You don’t need to make any extra effort here. Your work will be done with the help of the above technique. If for some reason you have diamond goods then you can use the following technique. All these techniques have been tested by us so that you do not have any problems.

  • Amazon pay offer for free diamonds
  • Special airdrop offer to get free 299 diamonds
  • Free fire Mod App
  • Free fire special festival events
  • Free Diamond and elite pass app
  • Amazon affiliate program

In all these techniques the process will remain the same. Here you have to log in by entering your free fire id and password. You will get some points in return for completing the survey and task given here. With the help of these points, you can top diamond.

How to hack free fire diamond with apps

You can use apps like the Daily reward app, Attapoll app, Cashboss app, and mGamer app to hack free fire diamond. In all these apps you have to complete the task. Here you can get diamonds by watching videos. Below is a list of apps that you can use to get diamonds.

  1. Booyah app
  2. Daily reward app
  3. Attapoll app
  4. Cashboss app
  5. mGamer app

In all these apps you have to follow the following process.

  • Open the play store and download the diamond generator app.
  • Open the app and enter your details.
  • Verify your mobile number and email id.
  • Complete the task and mission given in the app.
  • Collect a minimum of 1000 coins to get diamonds.

All of these applications are play store available. You can find the name of the app given here by searching on the play store. These apps have been tested by us. Most the people use booyah app to get diamonds for free.

Amazon pay offer for free diamonds

On Amazon pay, you will find many offers with the help of which you can hack diamond. If you buy redeem code from amazon pay then you will get many gifts and 1000 diamonds free. Below is how to use amazon pay to get diamonds.

  • Open amazon pay application.
  • Click on the three dots at the top right.
  • Here you will find the option to buy redeem code, buy redeem code through google pay.
  • Now open free fire.
  • Click on the Top-up option.
  • Here you will be asked to select a payment method. You select payment by redeem code here.
  • Now enter the redeem code you got from amazon pay.
  • Click on the redeem button.
  • Now check your free fire mailbox. Here you will find diamonds and gifts, collect them.

Note: You will need an upi account to use amazon pay. Then you will be able to top up.

Special airdrop offer to get free 299 diamonds

A special airdrop is the best option to buy diamonds in the free fire. In a special airdrop, you get 299 along with the gift, gun skin, bag skin, pet skin, and character. In Free Fire, you get many Special Airdrop offers. If your account is new you will benefit more. You will need a UPI account to purchase this airdrop.

  • Open play store on your phone.
  • Find Google opinion reward.
  • Enter your basic details and sign up with a Gmail account.
  • Now complete the survey.
  • After completing the survey you will get Google to play credit which will allow you to purchase a special airdrop for free.

Note: In Google’s opinion reward you will automatically get the survey after some time. After submitting a survey, you will get 10 rupees.

Free fire Mod App for free fire diamond hack

You will find many mod apps on the internet that claim to hack free fire diamond. If you use an unknown app, your free fire account may be banned. You can use the diamond hack app, free fire diamond generator, and free fire diamond script given here. Here you can download the free fire mod app with unlimited diamonds.

Get a free fire account with Unlimited diamonds

Many people sell their IDs in exchange for money. If you want to see more diamonds for less money, you can buy someone else’s free fire id. On Youtube and WhatsApp you will find many people who want to sell their id. You can connect to such a person and buy their id. You have to pay for it. Giving money to the person in front of you back gives you Gmail and password. This way you can buy a free fire id.

Note: There are many frauds in buying and selling free fire IDs. For that, you have to buy the id carefully. For that, you can resort to a trusted platform. To avoid such scams, you can ask the id seller for his id proof.

Free fire special festival events for Free Fire Diamond Hack

You get special offers at every new festival. At this festival event, you get a free diamonds and many other things. Here you will find new and cheaper offers. Many people get free diamonds through the free fire festival events. To use this trick you have to stay updated with the event. For that, you can follow the official channel of free fire.

use free fire diamond hack apps

Above we have given you a list of Diamond hack apps. Now here we will learn in detail how to use these apps. With this app, you can earn money online. With this money, you can buy diamonds. If you use the apps given here then free fire 10000 diamonds will be hacked easily. In the apps given here, you will find the option of the referrer and earn with the help of which you can get diamond by sharing the app.

Daily reward app

More than a million diamonds have been made on the play store of the Daily Rewards app. In this app, you get paid to play games and watch videos. This is a small and very useful application. You can get the money collected in the Daily Rewards app in Paytm or a bank account. You can download this app directly from the play store.

  • Download this app from the play store.
  • Open the app and enter your details.
  • Login with your mobile number or email.
  • Now complete the task given here and earn money. You can use this cash to buy a free-fire diamond.

Attapoll app

This app works just like Google opinion reward. Here you have to complete the survey. In return, you will get Paytm cash. With Attapoll you can safely hack free fire diamonds. People use this app to get 99999+ diamonds. You too can easily get a free diamond with the help of this app.

  • Download Attapoll app from the play store.
  • Log in with phone number.
  • Complete survey, answer their questions, and earn free cash.

Special Feature of Attapoll app: In this app, you get the option of referral and earn a commission. You get 10% cash from the earnings of the person you share this app with.

Cashboss app

Cashboss is a very popular app. 2 million of these apps have been downloaded. This is an offer wall app that you can download from the play store. Here you will find various tasks and missions. Completing this task will earn you points. You can convert points into real money. You can get this earning in a direct Paytm wallet.

  • Download the Cashboss app.
  • Open the app and fill in basic details.
  • Now you have to complete the task. Completing the task will earn you.

mGamer app

mGamer app is used by most free fire player. Youtuber and pro free fire player use this application. In mGamer you also get the option of diamond top-up. Here you need a few coins, with the help of which you can make a diamond top up. This is a legal and safe application that you can use easily. More than 5 million of these apps have been downloaded.

  • Download the mGamer app.
  • Open the app and log in with a phone number, Gmail id, or Facebook id.
  • Complete task and earn coin.
  • Now click on redeem coin option.
  • Select the free fire diamond option.
  • Click on redeem button. Now you will get free diamonds in your free fire account.

Free Diamond and elite pass app

This app is made for free fire players only. Here you can win many diamonds by participating in games like scratch and win, spin, and get free diamonds. Apart from this, you will find many other tournaments and games here. More than 500K of this app have been downloaded. This app is available on the play store.

  • Download the Free diamond app.
  • Open this app and verify your mobile number.
  • After login, you have to collect a game coins.
  • Now you have to make minimum of 1000 coins to redeem free fire diamonds.

Amazon affiliate program

Amazon affiliate program is the best way to make money online. For that, you can go to amazon and create your affiliate account. Then you have to sell any product. For that, you can resort to platforms like youtube, Facebook, Instagram, website. When someone clicks on your link, you get a commission. You will get your earned money in your bank account or Paytm through UPI. With Amazon pay UPI you can buy direct free fire diamonds.

Mesho app

Mesho is an online shopping app. Here you can get commission by selling product. Here you will get a 30% commission on each product. The Mesho app’s play store has over 50 million downloads. You can sell mesho products through Facebook and Whatsapp. If you have more followers on Facebook and Instagram, it will be easier for you to sell the product. You can share product links with your friends and family members. You can download this app from the google play store.

Here are some tips to help you make money online. You can use the money earned from these apps to buy free fire diamonds. All the apps given here are the best for making money. You can use any one of the apps given here. Mesho app is best for selling products online, in mGamer, you can complete task, in codashop you get good offers, in the daily reward app you get money for completing the survey. These all the apps have different features. From this list of apps, you can generate 99999+ free fire diamonds using any app as per your convenience.

Free Fire diamond hack app

On Youtube, you will find many videos that teach how to hack diamonds. All these videos and apps are fake. The free fire diamond hack app is full of viruses. If you install this app, your phone will hang and your details will be leaked. Using such apps will ban your free fire account. In a free fire game, you can’t hack anything. Because this is an online game that has a lot of security. You should not use such a technique, nothing will happen, only your time will be west.

Free fire hack version

Many free fire players want to see the hack version of free fire. Many people on Youtube make videos on free fire hacks. But the reality is that you can’t hack free fire. Free fire has an anti-hack system that catches the smallest chit. So you can’t download the free fire hack version.

Minimum requirements for using free fire diamonds hack

  • Minimum 2GB RAM
  • Use free fire latest version
  • Latest Android version 10

If you want to hack free fire diamond then you have to fulfill the above 3 requirements.

the specialty of Our Free Fire Diamond Generator 2021

You can use many techniques to generate free fire diamonds. You can use our diamond generator for that. In our Diamond Generator you will find special features that are not found anywhere else. The feature of this diamond generator is as follows.

1. Safe and Antiban free fire hack

Our free fire diamond hack is easy and safe to use. We have mentioned here the same hack which is valid by Garena free fire. We have prepared this hack keeping in mind all the guidelines of free fire. If you use this hack, your account will not be banned. You can use the method given in our article without any confusion.

2. Anyone can use Our Free fire diamond generator 2021

To use another free fire diamond hack you need expensive and good mobile. You can also use our hack on a phone with 2GB RAM. Before using any hack you have to install anti-virus on your phone. This is because using a free-fire diamond generator can cause a virus in your phone.

3. Our free fire diamond hack 2021 is Viruses free

On Internet, you will find many tools and hacks that claim to hack diamonds but do not work. If you use this hack your id will be banned. These hacks are full of viruses and malware. So you should use the free fire diamond hack given here. Which is 100% working and safe.

FAQs – Free Fire Diamonds Hack

How to hack Free fire diamonds 99999?

Now you can’t hack free fire diamond. With the new update of Free Fire, its security system has increased a lot. So you can’t hack 99999 diamonds. You have to use real money to buy 99999 diamonds. For that you can use a website like codashop. You do not have to use a third-party app or website to buy Diamond. No app or script will work in hacking free fire diamond.

Do Free fire diamond generators still work?

Most of the free fire diamond generator tools and websites do not work. Such a website will waste your time. Many generators can be used to ban your account. Many videos on Youtube have shown the trick of hacking diamonds but most of them are wrong. It is not safe to use Diamond Generator, as this website can cause your free fire account to be stolen.

Free fire diamond hack com Is real or not?

All such diamond generator websites are fake. You will not get any benefit from this website. If you use diamond hack com then your id will be leaked in public. It is not safe for you to use such a website or generator. Players with free fire should stay away from such websites. We suggest you not use the free fire diamond hack website.

Free fire diamond hack without survey?

You can hack diamond through the Google opinion reward app. Here you have to complete the survey to get a diamond. You will not find any diamond without completing the survey. If you do not like the completion of the survey, you can take the help of other apps.

How to hack free fire diamonds and coins?

Here we show you how to hack 999999 diamonds. You can hack 99999 free fire diamond using the method given here. You can get unlimited gold coins and diamonds by playing ranked matches, Using double 2X Gold cards, and playing a minimum of 2 hours a day. You do not have to use another app or website for that.

Is www free fire hack club still working?

You cannot use this website right now. Due to this website was providing a free fire hack. So the free fire company shut down this website. This website had a lot of content related to the first free fire hack. So the Garena free-fire guys went on a copyright strike on this website. This website is no longer available on Google.

How to hack free fire unlimited diamonds?

Free fire is an online game that no one can hack. If you want to see more diamonds, you can buy diamonds with your own money. Big YouTubers and pro players have a lot of diamonds because they are promoting a free fire game. If you want to show off in front of your friends, you can edit the photo.

Free fire diamond hack no human verification?

If you encounter a human verification error in the diamond hack generator, you can refresh the page. Most of the diamond generators are fake. Here you will be asked to do human verification but you will not get any results. After human verification, you have to enter your id and password. This generator will leak your id and password in public.

Free fire diamond hack generator is available in 2021?

No, free fire diamond generators are not real so they are not available on the internet. No diamond generator works. If you want to hack diamonds, you can follow the method given in this article. Hacking a diamond in Free Fire can also ban your account. If you follow the method given here, you can safely hack diamonds.


Here we Get information about Free fire diamond hack and Free Fire diamond generator APK in this post today. If you have any questions related to this topic you can ask us. All the tricks and methods given here have been used by our team. First, we use the method and then we ask you to try. In this article, you will learn how to hack diamonds legally and safely. If you have any questions regarding the free fire diamond generator you can ask. Mention of your id in the comment below to get diamonds for free. We will give you a diamond gift.


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