Which is the first gun skin in Free Fire with name


We all know about Free Fire game. This game is very popular due to its graphic and concept. This is an online multiplayer shooting game. You can also play this game with your friends. Free fire has been downloaded 1 billion worldwide. free fire max is very popular in India.

The original game has been banned in India but free fire max is not banned in India. Both games are similar. Free fire main id you get in ff max. Everything you had in id of ff you get in id of ff max. No clear result has come out as to why the ban has happened in Free Fire India.

What is a name of Free Fire First Gun Skin

All those who are already playing free fire or those who are new players must have one question. What is the first gun skin in free fire? Free fire game is known for its bundles and skins. Compared to other games, you will find many points in free fire which are not there in other games. Like clothes, gun skin, car skin, gloo wall skin, pet and character.

Free fire game was released in 2018. At that time the concept of skin in free fire was new. M4A1 – STEALTH gun skin came in free fire within 6 months of release. This gun skin was for M4A1 gun and this skin became the first gun skin of free fire. After that many legendary gun skins have come in free fire.

Right now in ff you will find heaps of gun skins. Currently 100+ skins with different types, colors, abilities are available in Free fire.

Oldest Gun skin in free fire

If we talk about the oldest gun skin of free fire then it is M4A1 – STEALTH. Because today is the gun skin that was first seen in the game. So we can call M4A1 – STEALTH the oldest gun skin of free fire.

The evo gun skin is also found in Free Fire. You have to spend a lot of diamonds to get the gun skin. There were no such skins in earlier times. Different colors and pictures were seen on common guns. While in the current evo skin, you can see emote and animation along with gun skin.

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