Would you like to delete the Gmail id of your free fire game? If yes, here is an easy way to delete the id permanently.

Sometimes when you log in to your new free fire account, your Gmail account is automatically opened. You can remove or delete that account from your device to avoid this problem.

Nowadays people play a lot of free fire. Free fire is a battle royal survival game. 500M + has been downloaded on the play store. So we can say that free fire is the most played battle royale shooting game.

So many people have to face this problem. So let’s see the solution to this problem.

how to ban free fire account permanently


The process will be the same for Android users as well as iPhone users. Below you are given step-by-step guidance. You can judge this step by step inside your mobile.

Garina free fire account ban kaise kare

  1.  Open your phone setting
  2.  Now Go on your Gmail app
  3.  Click on Data & Personalization option
  4.  Now click on Delete a game service 

If you follow the steps, as shown above, your work will be done without any difficulty.

The same is true for iPhone. However, the settings of android and iPhone devices are different. But the options inside the application are the same. So this trick will work in both.

We learned how to remove an account from a device.

how to receive back your guest account


In the Free fire game, you get many options to create an account, such as Google, Facebook, gmail, and guest accounts. Here we talk about all these accounts.

Free fire closes millions of accounts every year. All these people are very fond of their id. These people try to get coriander after their id but do not get any result.

That’s why we have shown the correct way here. If you fill it out, you will get your account back.

Facebooked account


If you use a Facebook account to play a game, you know that once your account is terminated or closed, you cannot log in again with the same id.

There are two main reasons for this. Firstly, if you play a game by hacking, your account will be banned. Then you will not be able to open your id.

If you do any of the 2 reasons mentioned above, any of your accounts will be suspended.

If you want to get your Facebook account back, you can go to the official website of the free fire game, where you will have to file an appeal or request form.


If your details are correct and you have not done any unwanted activity you will get your account back within a few days.

Guest account

If for some reason your guest id is suspended then you cannot get that account back. This is confirmed on the official site of the free fire game. For that, you should use your guest id with caution.

If you do not use hacking and third-party app, your id will not be blocked. Never use such an app for that.

How to know the date of creating an account of free free


A friend of yours asks you how long you have been playing this game. If you want to call it the exact time, you can say the creation date of your id.

Because you may have started playing the game when you created the id. But you don’t remember this as such. That’s why we have come up with a way here.

This method has been discovered by us.

Step:1 First of all, you have to enter the email id through which you have logged in to the game. If you have linked the game with a facebook account then open the Facebook Gmail account.


Step: 2 You will see a search bar at the top. In it, you have to type free fire and search.


Step: 3 Then you will get a list of all the emails from the free fire game.


Step: 4 The oldest of these emails will be your id creation date which is sent to you by the game while creating the id.



Here we learned how to delete a free fire Gmail account as well as how to recover an account and look at the id creation date.

If you have understood all this, let us know in the comments below. If you have not understood anything from this whole article, please comment below. I will reply to you as soon as possible.

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