Free fire is a battle royal shooting game. This game has been downloaded by 1B people and given a good rating on Play Store. The game was released in 2017. The number of free fire players is increasing day by day. This game has created a large esports community.

In a free fire, you have to kill people. This game is a game of skill and inspiration. If you have good playing skills then you will win all the games. One of the most important of these skills is the one-tap headshot. In this skill, you have to kill the enemy with one tap/click. You need different techniques for different weapons.

In this post, we know 5 tips to one-tap headshots accurately in Free Fire.

7 tips to land accurate one-tap headshots in Free Fire

1) Sensitivity

If your Sensitivity setting in Free Fire is good then the chances of one tap headshot increase. For that, you have to keep the sensitivity of the red dot between 90 to 100 and the general sensitivity of 85. If you keep your sensitivity like this then you will get the best result. This setting also works on phones with 2GB / 3GB / 4GB RAM. This is the most important factor for hitting one tap headshot.

2) Custom HUD (In-game Controls)

Two-finger, three-finger, and four-finger players have different Custom HUDs. If you are playing with as many fingers as you like, you should keep the left fire button large and place it in a place where you can easily tap. You have to hold the Left Fire button in such a way that you can quickly tap and drag it up. you can set your control as you want but remember these 2 things.

3) Drag and Shoot

The position of the crosshair also plays a major role in the headshot. If you place a crosshair over the enemy’s head and shoot, it gave a perfect headshot. When you aim at the head and fire, the crosshair is pulled downwards. So that gave a body shot. Keep crosshair a little upside to avoid body shot and enhance the headshot. Free fire has aim assist so you can easily aim.

4) Crosshair position

Youtubers and pro players use more Drag and Shoot methods to hit headshot. In this method, you have to pull the joystick backside and shoot. You can pull back the joystick and shoot while sitting. If you shoot this way, the chances of getting shot at the enemy’s head increase.

5) Aiming

If you want to become an expert in any game, you need practice. Through practice, you can develop this skill well. The more you practice, the more your expertise grows. With practice, you will need the tricks given here for performing a one-tap headshot in Free Fire.

6) Correct positioning

The person who is good at Aiming wins comfortably in close range. You have to aim and shoot at the head of the same player. If your aim is above the enemy’s head, it will go knockdown in one shot. For aiming you have to practice and get fast. For easy aiming, you can turn on from aim assist option setting.

7) Practice

If you do not know where the enemy is coming from then you cannot aim. For that, you need to know the correct position of the enemy. If the enemy comes in front of you, keep your position above it. So Crosshair will go down while shooting and you will be able to give a headshot without extra effort.

Free Fire auto headshot setting

  • General: 85
  • Red Dot: 90
  • 4X Scope: 77
  • 2X Scope: 77
  • Sniper Scope: 60
  • Free Look: 70

For Auto Headshot you have to keep your Sensitivity as per the Sensitivity given above. Keep the same setting on 2GB, 3GB, 4GB phones. This will give you a more free look and will also reduce recoil.

m1887 one tap headshot Trick

The most commonly used m1887 is to shoot a headshot in a free fire. With m1887 you have to practice the above 7 tricks. Set right Sensitivity, improve aiming and use the Drag and Shoot method. The more you practice, the more you become an expert.

desert eagle one tap headshot sensitivity

If you shoot an enemy on the body from a desert eagle, the damage is 90. The gun has a red dot sensitivity of 80 and general sensitivity of 90 for a one tap headshot. If a shot is fired at the head of any enemy then 300 is damaged. An enemy has 100 health, 300 damage is enough to kill him with one bullet.

Types of One tap headshot in free fire

  1. Situp Headshot
  2. Prone Up Headshot
  3. Jump Drag Headshot

There are three main types of one tap headshot. You can give an enemy headshot by sitting and jumping. People use Situp Headshot the most. Situp Headshot is easy and fast to perform. In this technique, you have to sit and shoot at the head of the enemy. In Jump Drag Headshot you have to jump and shoot at the enemy’s head.

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