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How to create a game like Free Fire

Free Fire is the world’s most downloaded online multiplayer game. People like this game very much. Currently many people are trying to make a game like free fire. But due to lack of information they cannot take proper steps. To make a game you need to learn many things. For that you need to learn computer language and coding. Developing a game is very hard work.

Today there is a free fire ban in India. Free fire max is available on play store but there are many chances of banning of that game. In such a time if you make a game which is similar to free fire then people will join your game. This is a golden opportunity through which you can make crores of rupees.

How to code a game like Free Fire

Coding is the main part of any game. It is impossible to develop a game without coding. You have to hire professional people to do the coding. To develop a big game you need a special coding and graphic designer team. You cannot make a game like free fire alone.

If you want to make low graphic and small game then you can do it alone. There is a company of games like Free fire and pubg. Thousands of people are working in this company. To make a game you need people like servers, graphic designers, software engineers and technicians.

Free Fire source code Download

Here free fire source code is given in free. You can easily download this source code in your device. Unity engine has been used in Free Fire. Many games have been developed by this engine. Unity engine is a game developing engine. Through which the gaming company develops its games. Even if you get the source code of free fire, you cannot make a game without script, gaming engine and coding file. For that, the script file and coding file of free fire is also given here. Through which you can easily run the game.

Free Fire coding script Download

Good coding is done inside the game. By which the game runs properly. If you want to do the coding yourself you can. But coding will take a lot of time. If you don’t want to waste time in coding then you can download free fire coding script given here. All you have to do is copy and paste this script. You can also save this script in your notepad.

Free Fire coding file Download

  • Click on the link given below to download the Free Fire coding file.
  • Clicking on the link will open a new page.
  • Here you have to click on I am not robot.
  • In this page you will have Free Fire source code download button. Click on this button.
  • After clicking on download, a timer of 30 seconds will start.
  • After the time is over, your file will start downloading.

In games like Free Fire, millions of people are playing online games simultaneously. For that you will need a good cloud storage and server. If your server speed is slow then the game will lag. You have to pay more for good server and cloud.

Which coding is used in Free Fire?

Python language has been used to make Free Fire game. Python is a high level programming language. Python is used to develop many games like free fire, pubg, and cod. You will need Python language experts to make the game.

Is Free Fire made by Python?

Yes, Python has been used to create the free fire game. It will take you 1 to 2 years to learn this language. You can learn Python language online or offline. There are many courses online through which you can easily learn Python and other languages. You can take special classes and courses to learn Python.

What engine is Free Fire made in?

Unity engine has been used to create Free Fire. You can develop 2D and 3D games in Unity engine. You can make best game through Unity editor. Here you get many special plugins and features. Drag and drop option is available in this engine. Through which many game companies develop games.

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