Free Fire Top Criminal Bundle: Get Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green Criminal Bundle Free


Criminal Bundles is the most popular bundle in Free Fire. People like this bundle more than any other bundle. Because this bundle is very rare and precious. This bundle was re-released on the 4th Anniversary of Free Fire. People from this bundle like Red and Green Criminal Bundle the most.

In this post, we will see a List of all Criminal Bundles in Free Fire. There are five main colors in this bundle. Red, green, yellow, blue, and purple.

How to get Free Fire Top Criminal Bundle Free

  • First, you have to download the Zarchiver app from the play store – Zarchiver Download
  • Download the Glitch File given here. Password: criminal bundle
  • Open the Zarchiver app.
  • Open Download Folder.
  • Now find the Glitch File.
  • Press on file and click on the extract option.
  • After extracting this file, a new file will be found. Paste this file into Android> data> Garena free fire folder.
  • Open free fire game and get a criminal bundle. Pasting this file will get you a free criminal bundle.
Get Purple Criminal Bundle free

Dress To Concert In Criminal Bundle

After using this glitch file you will get the following bundle.

1. first you get Purple Criminal Bundle. This bundle will replace the Disko Fisko Criminal Bundle.

2. Second you will get a Red Criminal bundle. This bundle can be found by changing the Green Gold Royal Bundle.

Get Red Criminal Bundle free

3. Yellow Criminal Bundle you will get in exchange for FF Token Bundle.

Get Yellow Criminal Bundle free

4. You will get Blue Criminal Bundle in exchange for Diwali Fearless Warrior Bundle.

Get Blue Criminal Bundle free

5. You will get a Green Criminal Bundle in exchange for Commando Gold Royal Bundle.

Get Green Criminal Bundle free

Raider Spin Event For Free Criminal Bundle

In the Raider Spin Event, you get a chance to win Criminal Bundle. Here you can complete different missions and deposit points. Through this point, you can spin. In this spin, you get a chance to win a different Criminal Bundle.

If you can’t deposit points, you can spin using a diamond. One spin requires 20 diamonds. 90 diamonds are required to do five spins at once. You can do a specal spin with 40 diamonds. Specular spin increases your chances of getting a Criminal Bundle. With each spin, you get a 2x Gold Royale Voucher. Weapon Royale Voucher is available when your 10 spins are completed. After 30 spins you get 3x Cube Fragments with which you can get a free Green Criminal Bundle.

Apart from Free Criminal Bundle, in the Raider Spin Event, you get the following rewards.

  • Weapon Royale Voucher
  • Diamond Royale Voucher
  • AI Gun Box
  • Wildland Walkers Badge
  • Top Gamer Scar Box
  • Robo Box
  • 100x Diamonds
  • Cube Fragment
  • Disease surfboard skin

How to Get Green Criminal Bundle

The above gives you information about the Raider Spin Event. With the help of this event, you can get the Green Criminal bundle. Follow the steps below carefully to get this bundle.

Step 1– Open the free fire game first.
Step 2– Click on the post of Raider Spin Event.
Step 3-Here you can spin with 20 diamonds. If you do a special spin of 30 diamonds, the chances of getting a Green Criminal bundle will increase.
Step 4– If you can’t find the bundle in the spin, do 30 spins.
Step 5– After 30 spins you will get Magic Cube. With Magic Cube you can buy criminal bundles from direct shop.

diamond spend to obtain All Criminal Bundle

You have to spend 5K to 10K diamonds to get all the criminal bundles in the free fire game. There is a lot of craze among the people regarding this bundle. Free fire Youtuber most of today uses bundle. If you do not want to spend so much on diamonds, you can use the above technique. With this technique, you can get Red Criminal Bundle Free.

The Criminal Bundle was first found in Free Fire. For that, you had to do some mission complete. Then the bundle got paid. Due to the popularity of this bundle, this bundle was brought back on the 4th Anniversary of Free Fire. You can use our website to get Criminal Bundle free. Daily free fire reddem code is placed on our website. With this redeem code you can get any bundle.

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