free fire is currently the most played online game. It has been downloaded 1 billion on the play store. The game runs smoothly even on phones with less RAM. So the user of this game is more than any other Battle Royale game. If you are fond of games, you will know about pubg, free fire, call of duty and fortnight. Most of them are users of the free fire game.

In this free fire, you can buy many special things like gun kin, cloths, and character through diamond which ordinary player cannot buy. Diamond is a very important thing. If you want to buy diamonds then you need UPI, debit card, credit card. And buy through netbanking, which is called top-up.

Most of the people in India use Paytm and google pay to top up. Even if you don’t have Paytm or google pay you can top up. In this post, we are going to share How to top up diamonds in Free Fire using phonepe. Below we will understand the process step-by-step.

What is Phonepe

Phonepe is a money transaction application. With the help of which you can send and receive money to any person. Through phonepe, you can buy items online, recharge as well as pay the bill. People in India use more Paytm. This is application like Paytm and google pay.

Phonepe is used by millions of people today. It is a 100% safe and secure application. Nothing will be happen bad with you here. If you have any problem, you can talk to phonepe 24 × 7 help, which will solve your problem immediately. You can also make your payment with the help of this application. Phonepe is accepted on all major websites like Amazon and Flipkart.

Here Is How To Top-Up In Free Fire Using Phonepe

  • Open your free fire game.
  • Login to your account.
  • Go to the top-up option
  • Now click on top up and select a payment method.
  • Click on the other payment option.
  • Here you can see the phonepe option.
  • Tap op phonepe option.
  • Now confirm your paying amount and click on pay.

By following the steps mentioned above, you have successfully made a top-up of diamonds in your Free Fire account using phonepe. An OTP will come to your phone to confirm this payment.

Purchase free fire top up the diamond with phonepe

You may be wondering whether it is safe to buy diamonds through phonepe or not. The correct answer is yes, you can top up through phonepe. There is no risk involved. This is a legal and authorized application. Millions of people use this app today. To date, there has not been a single case of fraud involving anyone.

When it comes to free fire, you have to top it up, for which you have to pay a certain amount. You can do this amount through any payment method. It doesn’t matter to those with free fire. can make payment.

Top up with Codashop

If you play free fire, you will know Codashop. Codashop is promoted with free fire. You can top up a free fire with the help of Codashop UPI. This is a legal and safe way. You will also get a discount if you use this. Below are the steps you can take to top up.

  • Open Codashop website or app.
  • Click on free fire.
  • Now enter your player id.
  • Select top up amount.
  • Select UPI as a payment method.
  • Click on the buy now option.
  • Last click on confirm payment.

Now there will be some process and your work will be done. You will get the receipt of this payment in your email. If you follow all the steps given above, you can easily top up Diamond through Codashop.

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