Netflix is ​​a large platform where you can watch tv shows, tv serial, web series, and movies. To watch all these things you have to pay 399 rupees per month which some people cannot afford.

People who can’t get a subscription join the Netflix free account telegram channel. Here you get the Netflix id and its password. With the help of which you can use Netflix for free.

It is legal to use this id. The account that is closed is renewed by people buying it in bulk at a lower price. It is distributed on different platforms by the distributor.

Next, we will learn how to use the Netflix app. Also, we will learn to play Netflix for free on any tv. If you are a mobile user we will teach you to watch movies and web series for free.

Netflix account and id telegram channel

Here are the links to the telegram channel and group below. If you join those channels then you will get a new Netflix account and password every day. With this, you don’t have to fill any Netflix plan.

Link = refresh this page

Here are some rules of telegram channels. If you do not follow them, you will be deleted from the channel.

The rules are very simple. Like you should not do any kind of advertisement here. Do not share your personal information. Respect each other members. Do not write abusive words. You should not share any link here. Only group admin can share posts.

If you follow all the above rules then you will not have any problem. You can also create a channel and invite your friend so that your network will grow.

Free netflix premium account and password

Millions of people also use Netflix within India. In India, major web series like Mirzapur, Palatal Lok, Special Ops, Kota Factory, Inside Edge, Sacred Games are seen. All these web series have become popular on Netflix.

  • Email :
  • password : 52730174
  • Email
  • password : hdoa6392
  • Email
  • password : 7492hdka
  • E-mail
  • password : 639ueu73
  • Email
  • password : ueie7383

Here is the Indian Netflix id. So you can watch any show in India without changing the region. Sometimes people change their server and location to watch shows and movies from other countries.

For that, they use VPN apps like NordVPN, Express VPN, Surfshark Vpn. The monthly charge is higher. You can trade all these free versions of VPN. You will see some limitations in it.

Way to use Netflix Free

To watch free videos on Netflix, you can go to the trial website of Netflix. Here you will find a trial for one month, in which you do not need verification or sign up.

  1. Free trial
  2. Bundle plan
  3. Download videos and web series
  4. Use VPN
  5. sniffing cookies

Here you can watch the first part of the web series. To watch the rest you have to create an account. You can watch the whole movie. Here the default language is English. You can change the movie from the default language to your language.

When you recharge in Airtel, jio, Vodafone, or any SIM card, you get a free offer along with a free account subscription.

Sniffing cookies is a bit of a hard way. You have to take care of a little technical thing. Here you use someone else’s cookies in your bronzer.


Netflix is ​​best for movies, shows, web series, and videos. Here we see some telegram channels to get Netflix account free. If you are billing from India, you can use the email given above. All these emails have been verified. This will not harm your device.

Netflix is ​​also available for android, ios, tablet, pc, laptop, and pc. You can select any of these platforms.

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