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Whatsapp has a new feature. In which you can add a description to your group, which is shown to all the members of the group. You can write about your group here or write the rules of the group. Provides information about his group in the description.

This option is taken from Instagram. Instagram has a bio option as well as Whatsapp group has this option. You can change the description of your group.

Whatsapp has some updates after some time. Which makes the Whatsapp user feel more comfortable. The new update coming on Whatsapp makes people’s work easier.

You can invite your friend to the group through the link. You can add 257 friends to your group. There is a limit of 257 members on Whatsapp. If you have more friends, you can create another Whatsapp group.

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26 Friends Whatsapp group description

Below are the 23 best group descriptions that you can use for your friend group. Just like you can change the DP in Whatsapp, you can also change the description of your group.

  1. Moon’s friendship from night to morning, The friendship of the sun from morning till evening, But our friendship from the first meeting, Till the last mother-in-law.
  2. The heart is houseful with desires, Whether it will be complete or not, it is doubtful, Everything is wonderful in this world, But life with friends like you It’s beautiful.
  1. Friendship is not a word that can be said in the tongue, Friendship is not a toy, to be played with Jesus, Friendship is not a flower to be broken by a soul, Friendship should not be written on paper.

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  1. If you consider friends, then keep on maintaining friendship, remember us too Keep remembering yourself. I am only happy with friends
  2. am i happy or not,You keep me smiling
  3. Friendship means a lovely heart,who never hates,A sweet smile that never fades,A feeling that never hurts,And a relationship that never ends.
  4. make thousands of friends in life,But in those thousands of friends,Make a friend such that when thousands of people,against you,He is with you against thousands.
  5. If friendship is good, it brings color.If friendship is deep, everyone likes it,If friendship is innocent, then it breaks,But if friendship is like yours,So it makes history.
  1. Do not count in friendship,Who committed what crime? Friendship is a drug,What you did and I did too.
  2. Have to pray to God,No one should be found except your friendship,Found friends like you in every birth,Or never get life.
  3. A friend should be like a mirror and a shadow,Because the mirror never lies,And the shadow never leaves you.
  4. Life will not be there or friendship will remain,Be near or stay away memories will remain,Always keep smiling in your life,Because in your laughter a smile will remain mine too.
  5. Friendship is not that which kills,Friendship is not even that which gives smile,That’s the real friendship,Who even recognizes a tear dropped in water.
  6. Everyone loves time,But then it’s fun,when times change,But don’t change.
  7. Who says,Only love is responsible for pain,Fucking friendship also hurts a lot,If it’s from the heart.
  1. Make friends, always smile,Do not deceive anyone by making your own,
  2. Remember, as long as we are alive,Then we went to say no, by setting memories in our heart.
  3. Getting separated is all a game of luck,Sometimes hate is a combination of hearts,Every relationship gets sold in this world,
  4. It’s just a friendship,Which is NOT FOR SALE.
  5. We went wrong in your love,Sharif was not there anyway,Now there are extra bastards.
  6. Our lines are also very special,That’s why we have a friend like you.
  7. Not all friends are the same,Some are not ours even though we are,felt after befriending you,Who says ‘the stars are not on the ground’.
  8. Of course we got a little wait,But we got the happiest friend in the world,No longer wishing for any paradise,We found that love in your friendship.
  9. friends in friendship,friend’s god,It is felt when it is separated.
  10. True friends never let us fall,Neither in anyone’s eyes nor in anyone’s feet.
  11. That’s why I explain to you again and again,Seeing you broken my friend,I break myself too.

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Whatsapp group description 2021

  • People who get angry very early in their life, those people are really very honest at heart.
  • To overcome discord, there is no greater weapon than silence.
  • Don’t open the old books of my life now, I am not what I was, no one knows who I am.
  • Don’t think that I have given up hope, just now I have given up looking for you.
  • The relationships that are deep, they do not make noise of belongingness.
  • Don’t be afraid of those who argue, but fear those who deceive.
  • Wrinkles appear on the face of the parents, bringing a glow to the face of their children.
  • Life is short, please please whom, sir, if you light a lamp, then the darkness is considered bad.
  • Who started this, the custom of giving and receiving gifts, poor men are afraid of even meeting.
  • We kept distributing shade for the whole time by making ourselves a banyan, cutting me little by little every day on my own.
  • If the character was determined by the clothes, then the clothes shop would be called a temple.
  • Remember, to see the good times, you have to face the bad times too.

Friendship quotes for WhatsApp

  • As long as you earn in your life, until the expensive things start looking cheap.
  • It is also good to fall in life, it shows the status, when the hands rise to lift, then the loved ones come to know.
  • Standing on the bank of the river does not cross the river, you have to go inside it to cross it.
  • One should not always wait in life, because the right time never comes, it has to be brought.
  • Many have done wrong in life, but punishment was found where the innocent were.
  • The people who want to be away from you in life, those people put all the blame on the situation.
  • Life doesn’t change in a minute, but a decision taken in a minute changes life.
  • Those who die from within, often they teach others to live.
  • We must learn to win our life, because we will be defeated by death one day.
  • Whenever there is a difficult time in life, the coward retreats, and the hard worker stands firm.

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WhatsApp Lines for Friends

  • Everyone had seen sweet dreams, it is surprising how the water in the eyes became salty.
  • What if you settle after desolating someone, what if you laugh if someone makes you cry.
  • One thing is certain in life, that nothing is fixed.
  • The relationships related to the spirit are guarded by angels, try to break them even deeper.
  • The walls kept crying with me, and people understood that the house was raw.
  • It was a beautiful moment, but what to do, it was yesterday.
  • Some also like people who speak the truth, that they themselves break, but do not let anyone’s heart break.
  • Dreams are not what you see in sleep, it is something that does not let you sleep.
  • The man was good, you have to die to hear that.
  • Sometimes groping the pockets of a smiling person, maybe his handkerchief gets wet.

Guide for creating a good description for Whatsapp

If your description is attractive then more people join your group. There are some things you need to keep in mind to create a good description.

  • Use stylish fonts in your description so that people find your description unique.
  • Use the specified word and number in your group description.
  • Remove unnecessary words.
  • Provide information about your group, such as what works in your group.
  • You can write a rule for a member coming to your group, which everyone has to follow.
  • Keep your description short and simple.

As long as your description is short and simple, leaks will be easier to remember. You can use your description as a tagline. Just like a brand promotes its product by saying its tagline, you can promote your friend group. So that the number of members in your group will start increasing.

If you keep all the above points in mind, you will be able to create an attractive description. If you have any problem in selecting the description, you can comment below.

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