Garena Free Fire Phone Number, WhatsApp Number, Office Phone Number, Contact Number, And More


The contact number of free fire is + 91-998-349-XXXX and the Whatsapp number is + 91-978-092-XXXX. This is a very popular battle royal game.

Hello friend, here we will see many questions related to Free Fire. Like what is the Free Fire contact number ?, What is the Free Fire Phone Number? What is the Free Fire Whatsapp number? What is the Free Fire mobile number? How to meet Free Fire Company? What is Free Fire contact details? If you are a player of this game then such questions will come to your mind. Apart from this, we will know Free Fire real Phone Number Email, salary, status, Instagram Twitter, and Facebook accounts, age, total assets wiki, and more. After reading this post you will get a Free Fire Contact Number, Phone Number, WhatsApp Number, And More.

What is Garena Free Fire?

Free Fire is an online multiplayer shooting game. This game was created by 111 Dots Studio. The game was launched on the play store 4 years ago today. 1 billion of this game have been downloaded. This game has got the award of the best game of 2019. Every day 80 million players play Free Fire.

Currently, the free fire company is releasing a different version of their game. He has released a new version of this game called free fire max.

This is a third-person shooting game. There are 50 players in one lobby. These 50 players are released on an island. Here players go to different places and houses and collect weapons. All players can carry a maximum of 3 guns. Now players kill other players. Here you have to kill other players. You have to stay in a safe zone except to kill other players. As time goes on, the safe zone gets smaller. Safe zone As players get smaller, players get closer to each other and fight.

You can also play this game on a team. You can invite your friend to your team. Here you can do many other things with your friend. Such as car driving, airdrop loot, dance, and booyah. The player who progresses to the end of the team match wins the game.

In this game, you will also see other battle modes. Such as classic, rank, tdm, clash squad, etc. Here you can buy different characters, clothes, and pets for yourself. Free fire game is best known for its unique clothing.

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Garena Free Fire Controversies – Free Fire phone number Real

Controversies have often taken place in India over the Free Fire game. The players in this game are mostly young children and young people. Due to this game, students cannot focus on learning. Different cases have occurred due to the free fire game in different states. In which children play the game in hiding from their parents, children spend money in the game without the knowledge of their parents. Apart from this many cases have also become. One of which was the subject of much discussion throughout India. In which a 14 year old child spent 40 thousand rupees in a game to improve his free fire id. Jenny talked to her parents. So that child committed suicide. The boy reported the matter in a suicide note.

The case was hotly debated in the news. People demanded that free fire game be banned like pubg game. It has a profound effect on the mental state of children.

Free Fire Net Worth

Daily more than 80 million players play free fire. 100 crores of this game have been downloaded. So the number of players playing free fire is very high. This game company mainly earns money through in-game item purchases. In this game, a new pass comes every month. Which is called an elite pass. You have to buy diamonds to buy Elite passes and other premium game items. You have to spend real money to buy this diamond. Making crores of rupees a month by selling free fire diamonds. Free Fire has a net worth of over 1 billion USD.

Youtube channel – Free Fire phone number India

The name of the free fire youtube channel is free fire official India. The channel has 10.9 million subscribers. New videos are uploaded here every day. Video of new features of free fire gameplay and free fire game is available here. A free fire song video and promotion video are also available on this channel. Free fire India company charges big film stars for making videos with them. He just made a song video with Hrithik Roshan. He paid a lot of money to Hrithik Roshan to make this video. The free fire tournament match live can be seen on this channel.

There is another channel of free fire. Whose name is free to fire Esports India. This channel has 8 million subscribers. There is a total of 605 videos on this channel. Here is the video of the free fire pro league and free fire tournament.

Most viewed video of free fire youtube channel

The most-watched video on the free fire youtube channel is “join with us”. This video has 178 million views. This video has 357K likes.

Garena Free Fire Phone Number, Whatsapp Number, Address, Email Id

Phone Number91-998-349-XXXX
WhatsApp Number91-978-092-XXXX
Residence AddressN/A
Office Phone NumberN/A
Manager Phone NumberN/A
Booking Agent Phone NumberN/A
Official Websiteffsuport

Social profile

Free Fire has accounts on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. It has 973K likes on its Facebook page and 10 million followers on Instagram.

Garena Free Fire

India official free fire


Free Fire Facts – Free Fire phone number hack

  • Free Fire is the most played Battle Royale game in the world.
  • The game has over 80 million active users.
  • Free fire game is the most downloaded game on the play store.
  • Free fire company sponsors big gamer YouTuber for its promotion. It gives the free diamond to YouTubers like ajjubhai, Lokesh gamer, Gyan sujan, Amit Bhai, as gaming.
  • When the free fire game was launched, the number of its players was very small. The craze for this game grew because of the pubg game. Because the pubg game didn’t run on everyone’s phone. So people sang in search of an alternative game of pubg. People started using the Free fire game as an alternative to pubg. So the craze of this game increased.
  • The game is known for its unique character, skill, pet, gun skin, and clothes.
  • The free fire company paid Rs 200 crore to Ronaldo for its promotion.


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