How To Get Free Emotes In Free Fire [New Trick]


Garena Free Fire is a battle royal game. This is a multiplayer shooting game with over 1 billion downloads. People love to play this game. Here you can play with your friend and with random people. This game is more popular due to its premium bundle and clothes. In this post, you will get the answer to the free fire emote-related question.

Why Free Fire Emotes Important

You will see different features in all the games. All Battel royal games feature emote. Emote connects you without talking to another player. In Free Fire, you will find different types of emote. This feature makes the game more attractive. The player who has more emote is richer and this increases your value. Here you will find many legendry emoticons. All these emote have a message for something.

Most Popular Free fire emote Names

  • Free fire throne emote
  • Free fire love emote
  • Free fire flag emote
  • Free fire rose emote
  • Free fire lol emote
  • Free fire alok emote
  • Free fire dance with dog emote
  • Baby shark
  • Shake With Me
  • Glorious Spin
  • Crane Kick
  • Dangerous Game
  • Jaguar Dance
  • Threaten
  • Soul Shaking
  • Pirate‚Äôs Flag

Apart from this emote, many other emotes are also popular. In free fire most popular emote is a person dancing with a dog. This emote has been unlocked by 5 lakh people and got 1 million likes. The value of the id of those who have this emote has increased. This is a rare item that some people pass on.

How to get free emoticons in free fire

Here we have shared a trick with which you can unlock free fire emote. You will find many videos on Youtube which show the technique of getting free to emote. This technique is outdated and many of these techniques do not work. Here we have shown a 100% working method so that you can get emote for free.

Free fire will not give you any emote for free. If you are a new player you will not get any emote unlock. You have to use Diamond to get Emote. But you don’t have to take tension. There are many free methods that you can use to get an emote. By following the method below you will be able to get free fire emotes for free without spending diamond.

ways to get free emoticons in the free fire in 2021

There are many ways to unlock emote in the free fire so here we will see 6 methods. These 6 methods are very simple and easy. Any new free fire player can get emote for free using this method.

  1. Unlock using redeem code
  2. Unlock by using special airdrops
  3. Free Fire Emote Royal
  4. Use Elite Pass
  5. FF Emotes App
  6. Unlock by using emote tool

Free Fire Redeem Code

You need a diamond to take Emote. Free fire company provides some code with which you can get a free diamond and emotes. This code is called redeem code. This code is 12 digits long. You can use this code by going to ff reward’s official website. Below we have given you Free fire Emote codes. With this code, you will get diamonds and emotes for free.


Emote NameRedeem code
Baby shark EmoteEMOTECLAIM42
Piece of cake EmoteEMOTECLAIM38
Battle Dance EmoteEMOTECLAIM33
Jaguar Dance EmoteEMOTECLAIM13
Flowers of love EmoteEMOTECLAIM00
Soul shaking EmoteEMOTECLAIM15
Shoot Dance EmoteEMOTECLAIM88
Provoke EmoteEMOTECLAIM53
Chicken EmoteEMOTECLAIM99

Follow these steps to unlock free emote with redeem code:

  • Copy the above 12 digits redeem code.
  • Open ff reward website.
  • Enter your free fire email id and password.
  • Here you will find the option to enter the redeem code.
  • Paste the redeem code here and click on the redeem option.
  • Now the reward will come to your free fire account.
  • Open your free fire account and check the mailbox.
  • Collect free emote.

Note: If you use an incorrect or outdated redeem code it will not work. For new and working redeem codes you can search today for free fire redeem code on google.

Special Airdrops

The new free fire player doesn’t know about this secret method. Older players use airdrops to unlock all emotes for free. The new player does not know about this method. In Special Airdrops, you can find many emotes and diamonds at very low prices. Free fire has 12 types of airdrops. These airdrops contain diamonds, clothes, gun skin, pets, rare items. You get emote from 6 types of airdrops.

Follow these steps to use Special Airdrops to Unlock all free fire emotes:

  • Open free fire and log in to your Facebook account.
  • Below you will find the option of Special Airdrop. Click on it.
  • Here you will find various airdrops.
  • You select the airdrop at your convenience.
  • Now click on the Purchase airdrop option.
  • Pay charge and get a special airdrop.
  • Open airdrop and get free to emote.

Note: If you have an old account, you will not get very good offers. The new free fire account comes with good airdrop offers. In a new account, you get more items at a lower cost. You can create an account using the new Facebook id. You can then purchase an airdrop from a new free fire account and send it to your original free fire account.

Free Fire Emote Royal

Emote Royale is an event found on an Indonesian server. Here you will find Dj Alok emote and other popular emote. This event is only for a short time. If you are using an Indonesian server, you can get emote with the help of a lucky spin. In Lucy Spin you have a different emote and another reward. You can spin and participate in emote royal. This event lasts for 3 to 4 weeks and then ends.

Follow these steps to get free emoticons by Emote Royal method:

  • First, you need to connect to the Indonesia server. You can use any VPN app for that. On Play Store you will find many VPNs of which quick VPN and turbo VPN are the best.
  • Download VPN and open it. You must create an account to use the app. You can create an account with an email id or mobile number. You do not need to create an account in Quick VPN.
  • After creating an account you will see many servers. From there, click on the Indonesian server.
  • Open the free fire after connecting to the server.
  • In a free fire, click on the shop option on the left.
  • If the server is connected properly then below you will find the option of Emote Royal or lucy spin.
  • On the page of Emote Royal, you will get a free Voucher. With the help of this voucher, you will get a free to emote.

Free Fire Elite Pass

You have to use real money to get Elite Pass. Many people use Elite Pass in the free fire. Elite Pass is a one-month premium subscription. Here you get extra items and rewards. If you have an Elite Pass you get a higher reward than a normal free fire player. In which gun skin, character, clothes, bag skin, emote, etc. are found. This is an easy way to get emote.

Follow these steps to get free emoticons by using Elite pass:

  • You need a diamond to buy an elite pass. You can buy it by going to the diamond free fire store or by the redeem code. You can take a diamond from your friend.
  • You have to buy an Elite pass card from Diamond. With the help of the Elite pass card, you can activate Elite pass at any time.
  • After taking the Elite pass, you have to complete some missions. In this mission, you get various tasks in which killing task is more.
  • You will get emote as the mission is completed.
  • If you complete all the missions, you will get 5 to 10 emote for free.

Note: You can use a website like codashop to get diamonds. Here you will find more diamonds at a lower price. Many YouTubers giveaway their diamond to their subscribers. You can grow diamonds by participating in such giveaways and buying an Elite pass with the help of this diamond.

FF Emotes App

With Free Fire Emote App you can get many emote for free. For that, you can search the Play store “FF Emotes App”. You will find many other apps on the play store with the help of which you can unlock emote of which FF Emotes is the best app. 1 lakh of this app has been downloaded and got a rating of 4.2. Many free fire players use this application. Some people know about this method. With the help of this app, you will be able to get a normal emote.

Steps to get Normal free emotes by FFEmotes app:

  • Open play store and search Free Fire Emote app.
  • Click on the first result and download it.
  • Open FFEmotes and click on create an account.
  • Enter your Email id or pass and confirm it.
  • After that, you will get many tasks. Completing this task will get you points and diamonds. You have to complete this task.
  • In this app, you can watch videos and collect points quickly. The more videos you watch, the more points you will get. You can use this point to get emote.
  • You can use this point to unlock emote when you have enough points to get emote.
  • You will find this emote in your original free fire account.

Note: don’t use fraud or hacking applications. If you use a third-party application, your free fire account will be banned.

Free Fire Emote Unlock Tool

You will need to use any browser to use this method. The Internet also has very few emote tools that work properly. You must not use any unauthorized website or tool. Your account may be hacked if you use unauthorized tools. People use the tool less because most of the tools don’t work.

Follow the steps below to use Free Fire Emote Unlock Tool.

  • First, open any browser like chrome or opera mini.
  • Now search Free Fire Emote Tool.
  • Click on the first result.
  • Open Tool Website and scroll down.
  • Here you will find the option to enter your email id, phone number, Facebook id.
  • Login to the account where you want to view emote.
  • After logging in you will be redirected to a new page.
  • You will find many emotes here, click on the emote you want to view.
  • Now click on the run tool option.

You will receive an emote after 100% completion of the tool.

Note: Many people’s free fire accounts have been hacked due to fraudulent tool websites. For that, you always use trusted and authorized websites. This way you can get emote using Free Fire Emote Tool.

Additional Tricks to Unlock all free fire emotes

If you use the above method you will get free emote. Apart from this, we have given here a trick by which you can unlock all free fire emotes for free.

  • Stay updated with free fire events and news, so that you already have the information of the upcoming new event.
  • Follow Free Fire’s Facebook, Instagram, and youtube page to get a new redeem code.
  • In a free fire, you can get emote through a pop-up event. Participate in new top up events.
  • When you unlock a new character, you get a free character to emote with it.
  • You can get emote gift from your friends.
  • Wait a minute, at the festival, you will get special offers in which you will get free emote.


How to use emoticons in the free fire?

First, open your collection, then click on emote option, select any six emote, click on equip emote option. You can use any six emote at one layout. You can add and remove any emote you like.

How can I hack emoticons in Free fire?

You can not hack emote in the free fire. You cannot hack anything in-app purchase in an online game. You will find many videos and articles that guarantee emote hacking. But all these videos and articles are fake. If you use any hacking technique, your free fire account will be banned.

How to download emotes?

Yes, you can download emoticons using Emote Ff Pro and Remote pro app. This is a third-party application. Here you get the ff to emote zip file. Which you have to extract and paste in your free fire’s OBB folder. Because of this file, you can download emote but not equip it.

Is the free fire emotes generator work or not?

No, any types of emote generator do not work in the free fire. There are many applications with which you can get diamonds and other items. There are also limited apps like the FF Booyah app. Most of the game item generator apps are fake. You should not use such an application. Use only trusted tool and authorized app.


I hope you like this post. You can unlock all the emoticons of Free fire using the trick given above. This method is legal and safe to use. You can use this method without any doubt. Your free fire id will not be banned. 2 number and 5 number methods will be more useful for you to get free emote. If you find this post useful, please share it with other free fire players.

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