Unlock Free Fire emoticons for free 2023 (get Free Emote)


Garena free fire is the most downloaded game. This game is a multiplayer battle royale game. 1 billion downloads of free fire have been completed. The craze for this game is growing among the people. Free fire game has 100 million active users who play the game daily. In this game you get emotes and bundles. Today in this article we will get all the information about emotes.

What is free fire emotes?

Free fire game is very popular due to its unique emotes. Emotes also come in games like pubg, cod, and bgmi. Emotes come in a free fire just like that. With these emotes you can create your id Legendary. You need to have diamonds to buy emotes. With Diamond, you can unlock emotes. Rich people buy Legendary emotes to show off. Free fire has many popular emotes whose names are given below.

Popular free fire emotes names

  • Free fire lol emote
  • Free fire rose emote
  • Free fire throne emote
  • Free fire Hello! emote
  • Free fire LOL emote
  • Free fire provoke emote
  • Free fire Applause emotes
  • Free fire love emote
  • Free fire alok emote
  • Free fire Dab emote
  • Free fire arm wave emote
  • Free fire Shoot Dance emote
  • Free fire flag emote
  • Free fire dance with dog emote

Free fire has many famous emoticons. The emote of a person dancing with a dog is the most liked to emote. This emote has been bought by over 5 lakh people. These emote are the most selected and rarest emote.

How to get free fire emotes for free

Now we discuss about How to get or unlock emotes in Free fire for free. You have to use diamond to get emote in the free fire. For that, you have to use real money. No need to worry if you do not have money. Here we will learn about some secret tricks. With which you can get any emote.

No new emote is unlocked in Free Fire’s new account. If you want to unlock emote free then follow the method given below. By using this method, you will get free emotes in Free fire without any coupons and diamonds.

Using redeem code

This is the easiest method to get a free fire to emote. Free fire provides some code with which you can unlock emote. This code is called the Free fire Emote Code. Below you will find such latest Emote codes. With the help of this, you can unlock emote for a lifetime.

Emote NameCode For Unlocking
hello emoteEMOTECLAIM44
Soul shaking EmoteEMOTECLAIM45
Jaguar Dance EmoteEMOTECLAIM99
Flowers of love EmoteEMOTECLAIM08
Provoke EmoteEMOTECLAIM21
Battle Dance EmoteEMOTECLAIM98
Baby shark Emote EMOTECLAIM45
Piece of cake EmoteEMOTECLAIM54
Chicken EmoteEMOTECLAIM43

Steps to use free fire emote code.

  • First, open the ffreward website.
  • Then enter any codes provided here.
  • Click on redeem button.
  • Now your work is done.

Special airdrop

New players do not know this method. Older players know exactly this method. Free fire has 12 types of the special airdrop. Of these, 6 types of special airdrop are for emotes only.

Steps to unlock free fire emote with Special Airdrops.

  • Download the latest version of free fire.
  • Download the zip files of special airdrops.
  • Extract zip files.
  • Here you will get one other file.
  • Past this special airdrops file in the obb folder.
  • After that open a free fire and collect all airdrops.
  • Open airdrops and get free emotes.

Emote royal

Emote royal is a lucky draw. In which you can spin and win emotes. Emote royal you can find on the Indonesia server. Which occurs during an event. In this lucky draw you get up to ten emotes for free. This event will be seen on the Indian server soon.

Follow the below steps to get free emoticons by using Emote Royal method.

  • First, download any VPN app.
  • Open the VPN app and select Indonesia server.
  • Now open free fire and log out of your original account.
  • Create a guest account and claim Emote royal vouchers.
  • Use these vouchers in a lucky draw and get free emotes.
  • Send these emotes in your original id and delete this guest account.

Emote unlock tool

You will find much free fire Emote unlock tools online on the internet and google. With the help of these tools, you can get emote with just one click. All you have to do is search for the Emote unlock tool on google. Here you will find many tools. You can use any of these good tool websites. The process of unlocking emotes is the same in all tools.

  • Open free fire Emote unlock tool.
  • Enter your free fire id.
  • Select emoticons you want.
  • Click on Unlock emotes button.
  • Now check your free fire mailbox.
  • Here you will get your selected emotes for free.

FFEmote App

FFEmote is an application. In which you can complete the task and win free fire emoticons. This is a top-rated emote app. This app is 50k + downloaded. You can download this app from the play store.

To get instant emotes from FFEmote App, follow these steps.

  • Download FFEmote App from the play store.
  • Open FFEmote App and create your account.
  • Here you will find small tasks and surveys. Completing this task and survey will earn you some points.
  • Using these points you can unlock emotes.
  • You can get emote by logging in to your free fire account when you have enough points.

Free Fire Free emote redeem code

Some redeem codes are provided daily by Garena free fire. With these redeem codes you can get emote, skin, clothes, and diamonds for free. Below is the latest working emote redeem code for you to unlock emotes.

  • FMKI 88YT GFD8

Free Fire emoticons unlock APK 2022 download

Above we have given you the information on the FFEmote app. You will find many such apps on the play store. With the help of this, you can unlock unlimited free fire emote. Most of these apps are less than 20MB in size.

You can also download free Fire emotes unlock APK from google. In the latest version of this app, you will find a play store purge.

Tips to unlock all free fire emotes

Below are some extra tricks that you can use to unlock free fire emotes for free.

  • Check daily free fire’s official website and social media account to get the latest redeem codes.
  • Stay updated with all free fire special events.
  • Take advantage of free fire special top-up events. Here you will find top-up as well as free emotes and diamonds.
  • Free fire has certain characters, which can be unlocked to get characters emote free. Unlock these characters first so that the character emote is free.
  • Ask your friends if they have some extra emotes. They can easily gift you emote without any issue.
  • Wait for some special event and a special sale. Here you will get legendary emotes at the cheapest price.

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