Tushar Chaudhary is a famous pubg mobile lite player. His channel name is GoD Tushar OP. Today we will see Tushar’s pubg lite id, k / d, match stats, earning, and biography. If you are also like to play pubg lite. then you have to know about Tushar.  Because tushar include in the top 10 Asian pubg lite player.

Today in this post we will learn many new things about God tushar op. We will discuss his life and his career and see the gaming status of his pubg lite.

God Tushar Op’s real name is Tushar Chaudhary. His channel name is God Tushar Op. Which has 320K subscribers. There is a total of 152 videos on this channel. He joined youtube on 2 May 2020. God Tushar is the brother of GoD Praveen

GOD Tushar OP Biography

Real nameTushar Chaudhary
Pubg lite id7376472873
Youtube channelGoDTushar OP
Views 17,720,262
Age 21 years
Net worth7 lakh to 8 lakh
Email idmanager@godesport.in

God tushar belongs to a middle-class family. He is a 12th pass. GoD tusha home town is a kanpoor.

GoD TusharOP was already playing pubg lite game. But he was making a video on his brother Praveen’s channel. Both are playing pubg lite game in a team. They are both very good pubg lite players.

GoD Tushar OP’s brother’s channel name is GoD Praveen YT, which has 1 million subscribers to be completed. Tushar used to post videos on his brother’s channel, so he has experience in making videos.

PUBG lite ID of god tushar op

Tushar PUBG Mobile lite ID is 7376472873 and his in-game nickname is GoD tusharOP.  He is also the leader of the GoDarmy team.

Here are his stats for PUBG lite Season 24.

God Tushar only played 26 Squad Mode in Season 24. So far, he’s played 26 games and it has 5.5 K / D, which is pretty good.

In the previous season, he played 256 matches. He had 5.8 K / D in Season 23.

Tushar op mostly likes to play a solo games. Sometimes he also plays with his brother Praveen. Tushar doesn’t like to play in a team. He can finish the whole team alone.  He is a very good pubg lite player.

Tushar’s Professional Career

God Tushar is a top pubg lite player. He has passed 12th and he wants to be a gamer. He is the leader of the godarmy esport team. Tushar op plays pubg lite tournament.

Tushar already liked to play games. When pubg lite didn’t come, he used to play games like Fortnite, cod, and gta5. Even when pubg lite didn’t launch in India, he used VPN to play pubg lite games. When pubg lite was launched in India, its channel starting to grow.

People are starting to like watching videos of pubg lite now. So slowly his youtube channel started to grow. He already had the experience of how to make a video. When he didn’t have a channel, he would put a game video on his brother Praveen’s channel.

Tushar’s YouTube channel

The name of Tushar’s youtube channel is god tushar op. It has 330K subscribers on this channel. He has uploaded 152 videos.total video views is 17,720,262. It does not promote its youtube channel.

God tushar op net worth

God Tushar has 330K subscribers on the youtube channel. So he earns 7 lakh to 8 lakh rupees annually. He also earns money through Tushar paid promotions. Tushar is followed by many people on Facebook and Instagram. Therefore he makes some money from social media.

God Tushar’s channel is new. So there are fewer videos in it. Compared to other YouTubers, there are more views on Tushar’s videos. His channel is included in the fastest growing youtube channel.

Tushar is the 12th pass. At present, he does not do any job or business. So his side income is zero. He earns money through youtube. He also earns some money through paid promotions and social media.

God tushar op logo and symbol

Tushar is a very good pubg lite player. So it has more followers. All these followers want to have a stylish name and symbol like god Tushar. So here is the logo of the god Tushar op and its symbol. You can see it below.

Above you can see the logo and symbol of the god Tushar. It is very fancy and stylish. You can also make a logo like this. For that, you will need a logo maker app and picsart app. You can make logo from any image.  Give it some time to make a better logo than god tushar op.

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